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Disclaimer!!! This is an old game I made back in May 8th 2017. I'm just uploading it to Itch.io now for people to see how "great" I was at making games when I first started using UE4 last year. This version of the game has all (or at least most of) it's bugs fixed, a little bit of polishing and an added pause menu with graphics settings.

Story: During your shopping spree, you had to run to the bathroom to take a massive dump. But little did you know, that by the time you were done, it would be closing time. Now the powers off and everything is out to get you...

You must find a way out of this crazy store...

Again, this is an old game I made back in May 8th 2017. Please don't think I just made this recently, lol. Strange Terror From Beyond The Stars, my latest game, is coming out very very soon, like most probably this week or the beginning of next week, so stay tuned for that game! It's gonna be great! (I hope)

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i shopped til i dropped. 

I played this and the remastered version in my video and it was really fun and it startled me a few times too (Timestamp 0:00)

yo lo disfrute mucho y soy muy fan tuyo dave saludos desde Mexico

i enjoyed it too and im a big fan dave :) not trying to be scary sorry if i am

You make disclaimers about how bad and old this game is. You, and your games haven't changed Dave, perhaps more cutscenes and better graphics. I really enjoyed this game, don't know how its bad other than the shadowing and textures compared to STFBTS. Sound effects certainly didn't change, love the music and scary sounds you create, you should make music.

And the huge pink Berry the Bear and running away from the store while pooping was really funny. Old but gold!


It was mostly me severely judging my programming and modeling skills, lol. But I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Toy Story 5 looks great, doesn't it?

this game is amazing, and i love it old game! and new game is shopping nightmare remastered, after i playing it thanks for the console command! and you the amazing your games is best, but why krusty krab not work?


El juego es corto ero bastante bueno... XD... con la remasterización se ve mucho mejor...


game of the year




Great game sorry I didn't make this video sooner but stuff got in the way. I love the style of your games it's just different. It was pretty short and easy but I liked it anyway the characters were really good too. I don't know what else to say other than it's a really good game and I enjoyed it.

lol, it's totally fine dude! Glad you enjoyed it!


I like it 👎 I'm mean 👍 Just joking the game is amazing


Wait, this was your first game on Unreal Engine? This is great! Especially for a first game. I mean, I can TELL it's an older game of yours, but all I can find that's negative is MAYBE the lighting at some points lol. The ambiance is crazy spooky, the characters are spot-on. I absolutely loved Barry the Bear. I WANT MOAR BARRY. The game itself reminds me hardcore of the toy store stage from the PS1 Rugrats game. Brings back awesome memories. It'd be pretty cool to see a more polished 'sequel' to this game, maybe? I can tell you've come a long way and I'm crazy proud of you man! I can't wait to see what you do in the future of your developing career. Thanks for making and uploading this!

Yeah, I'm definitely gonna try to make a remaster of this game in the future, with polished graphics, models, more gameplay and areas to explore. PS: Berry just might make an appearance as a rare secret monster in my new game.

omg I’d love that xD


Although a slightly older game I can still see the scare in this one.  Love to see the next game you have planned.  5/5.
YouTuber:  Fellowplayer

lol, now I think I might just add Berry to a future game. XD


I liked this. No creeping about. Just hell for leather get the hell outta there !!! With Tunky & Bunky your really getting your games better all the time. Music was great in this too. Really gets your heart pumping. Good stuff... :)

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed this Dave Microwave Classic. :D