Update #5 (Final Content Update)

Added legs to a building that was magicly floating in mid-air.

Changed Diver Ghost's speed to be a bit faster (From 400 to 450) and have less sight radius (5000 to 4000). They can't spot you from far away anymore.

Added "The Teaser Radio" found somewhere in the map that plays a sound file hinting at who the new villain is in Scooby Horror 2. (The game is currently in development)

Added two spawn locations for the button to spawn in. So it's not easy to find the button and open the gate. (The spawn locations for the button are spread out a bit, so do some exploring!)

Lowered cricket chirping sounds a wee bit so it's not as loud as before.

This is probably the final content update for Scooby Horror. I will still do patches for the game if you or I find any bugs. But for now, I'm currently working on the new Scooby Horror 2, cause I can't get enough of Scooby Horror. :D


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Aug 31, 2017

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