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Hi so far love the game. Absolute masterpiece. I have  a question though. Im trying to 100% the game and I can't figure out how to get the ingenuity one for S rank. Can you tell me how? By the way I might be really dumb and not get it despite the fact that it is super obvious.

Ingenuity requires the player to build a trap kinda far away from the Mystery Machine. It's basically an incentive for people to not build in the same spots over and over, but rather force them to be a bit creative on where they place it! You can also read up the requirements for each bonus in the tips and tricks menu found in the extras screen.

Thanks alot! And that does mean that I'm  super dumb.

tried opening the game and it gave me a error idk if its couse i need no windows editor or something but ive tried so many time and it happened to all of the games u made and i tried playing them and it wont work

What OS is your PC using, such as Windows 10, etc and did you extract the .rar with an unzipping program like 7zip or Winrar?

ill try it thank you for your help

Aight so the thing is that when i have my internet turned on it crashes, but when i have my internet off it works.


Love The Game Bro

Keep Up The Good Work

Such an awsome game!   Enjoyed playing it alot!


hi Dave! Zoinks, please don’t be mad at my intro, loved the game! 

my new fav dave game

it looks amazing Jay but sadly my download wont work and i already talked to Dave about it. It just wont work. Which monster did you voice btw Jay.

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i love it but i think dave.EXE is better but it's still the best parody game dave made though





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Zoinks Scoob, This Game Is So Easy. Like, I Only Used 0.00000001% Of My Power To Defeat Them, Scoob.

the game don't work it keeps giving me a web browser link and it doesnt allow me to extract it even tho i have winrar

That's odd? Tested it out redownloading and unzipping it and it worked. Are you sure the game fully downloaded and you tried right clicking to extract the .rar?

it is kinda odd your games usually work i tried redownloading it and it gives me the download but wont let me extract it tries to open in a browser and idk why

the files might be overlapping with another game that has the same files in it so it cause it to do that and i dont know how to fix it

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