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Dave is there any chance that you could add a multiplayer mode? Me and my friend really love this game and would like to play together. I understand if you cant, its up to you.

I would love to add multiplayer elements to my games, but networking in Unreal Engine is a righteous pain compared to the likes of Unity. Definitely something I would love to explore more in the future if time allows it.

dave can you make any patch on fix lag 4 gb ram please my game is so laggy

I'm afraid that's not something I can patch. Judging from the amount of ram you have, it's possible your processor and/or graphics card may not be up to snuff to run the game at a decent framerate.

Is it me or does the monsters mostly know where you are? because i feel like they always near me.

the monsters know generally where you are, so they'll always be around you.

ey dave this might be unlikely, but are you going to expand this game on it's 1-year anniversary

I've thought about expanding the game with five extra levels, but I'm still considering it.

if it happens (wich i hope it will) do you have any new ennemies in mind for the game?

I want to give a big shoutout to Mircowaves Games for this game and keep up the good work.....

the extras dont work

You mean you can't access the extras menu? Did you try going into Windowed mode to see if it's because of your screen resolution?


i finished  this game all achievements or badges idk maybe revisit the game???

Fantastic game, a little odd that rooby snacks and rubber boots are both tier 1 items since they greatly reduce the difficulty of the game, more so than anything else I tried.

There is an extras label in the menu but I can't click it despite having beaten every level, was it never implemented or is the button for it off the screen because I'm using a 16:10 resolution perhaps?


It's possible that it's your monitor's resolution, can try going into window mode and see if that helps. Also, were you clicking on the sticker that says "Extras" or the big red button itself? The button is what takes you to the extras menu.

Ooh, I tried the red button again and this time it worked, but only on the outer third of it, I think the fact that the menu isn't dynamically refitted to the resolution makes the button hitboxes and their graphics not match. It's not a problem in the middle of the screen where it only seems to make the buttons' hitboxes slightly bigger in both directions, but seems to get worse the further you are to the sides of the screen.

And while this screen looks correct, a few other screens in this game as well as others can have the UI slightly off center to the right which occasionally results in text being cut off.

Since you asked I also tried going into windowed mode and lo and behold, that actually fixed it. I've seen plenty of games where the windowed mode retains the aspect ratio.


Ah I gotcha. Yeah UE4's UI can definitely be a pain to work with when it comes to anchoring buttons/text to make sure they fit with every aspect ratio, lol.

I cannot get enough how good these fangames are!! <3 <3

hi dave! can you explain the monsters abilities sometimes i dont understand


Spooky Space Kook: Spawns with Energy Fields around the map that will slow you down while inside them.

The Creeper: Teleports around the map to ambush you after losing sight of you for the first time.

Captain Cutler: Covers Clue spawn points in seaweed. You won't know what's under it until you remove it.

Green Ghost: Is cloaked until he spots you.

The Witch and the Zombie: Forces you to capture both enemies. 

The Black Knight: Charges at you in an attempt to impale and kill you.

Snow Ghost: Roars and shakes your camera sometimes when a chase begins.

Witch Doctor: Has a statue that always knows where you are, and will relentlessly pursue you in an attempt to kill you.

The Tar Monster: Covers random pathways in Tar piles.

Charlie the Robot: Is the fastest enemy in the game.


couldn't screenshot it but i found a bug where the investigate clue button shows up if you die on a clue

hello dave microgames that this game runs on a pc with 2 gb of ram an amd sempron (tm) 145 processor 2.80 ghz and my graphics at this moment i don't remember what it was called but it's like 500 or 800 mb

there's this weird glitch that happens from time to time with the carts

basically, sometimes, it instantly teleports you to the stopping point instead of playing the animation of you riding the carts. can you see what's going on?

my game keeps crashing help

nice game i like it


the game finally works for me no

i really like this game Dave.

Can you give me some hints on where the clues spawn in the fun land level

The Magnet can either spawn on the left or right alley by the entrance, or in the back alley near the way to the rest of the park. The Scissors can spawn on a table near where the Scooby Snack box can spawn, in a storage area or in the bar area. The Wrench can spawn in 3 areas in the Hall of Mirrors.

thx i appreciate it

to hard to download nah im too lazy to do all of that



Great game. Can't help but wish for an easier mode, or an option for slightly slower ghosts. I'm not as young as I used to be...


it is Strange to see our Best supporter Playing this,
and from what i have seen,
this is made with unreal engine,
Good job AttackMuskrat!

THIS GAME WAS FIRE FIRE!! I LOVED THE LAST MAP I PLAYED!! Just super hard to find all the clues!! Great work!!

could their possibly be more updates to this game?


I'm pretty satisfied with the state of the game to be honest. A future content update is possible, but it's not something I plan on doing anytime soon.


Awesome, love your games it inspires me to start making my own.


here is my second part 😘


hi, big thx for the nice game. greetings from rosti 😘

Deleted 1 year ago

i prefer the witch doctor because

a. he sounds like jacksepticeye's papyrus voice

b. "im going to beat your ass nyeh heh"


You're a legend Dave! Had a blast playing and will def be playing more of it soon. Easily one of my favorite nostalgic games of the year!

this legit scared me.. more then once... my goddamn pants are filled

Hi so far love the game. Absolute masterpiece. I have  a question though. Im trying to 100% the game and I can't figure out how to get the ingenuity one for S rank. Can you tell me how? By the way I might be really dumb and not get it despite the fact that it is super obvious.

Ingenuity requires the player to build a trap kinda far away from the Mystery Machine. It's basically an incentive for people to not build in the same spots over and over, but rather force them to be a bit creative on where they place it! You can also read up the requirements for each bonus in the tips and tricks menu found in the extras screen.

Thanks alot! And that does mean that I'm  super dumb.

tried opening the game and it gave me a error idk if its couse i need no windows editor or something but ive tried so many time and it happened to all of the games u made and i tried playing them and it wont work

What OS is your PC using, such as Windows 10, etc and did you extract the .rar with an unzipping program like 7zip or Winrar?

ill try it thank you for your help

Aight so the thing is that when i have my internet turned on it crashes, but when i have my internet off it works.


Love The Game Bro

Keep Up The Good Work

Such an awsome game!   Enjoyed playing it alot!


hi Dave! Zoinks, please don’t be mad at my intro, loved the game! 

my new fav dave game

it looks amazing Jay but sadly my download wont work and i already talked to Dave about it. It just wont work. Which monster did you voice btw Jay.

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i love it but i think dave.EXE is better but it's still the best parody game dave made though





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Zoinks Scoob, This Game Is So Easy. Like, I Only Used 0.00000001% Of My Power To Defeat Them, Scoob.

the game don't work it keeps giving me a web browser link and it doesnt allow me to extract it even tho i have winrar

That's odd? Tested it out redownloading and unzipping it and it worked. Are you sure the game fully downloaded and you tried right clicking to extract the .rar?

it is kinda odd your games usually work i tried redownloading it and it gives me the download but wont let me extract it tries to open in a browser and idk why

the files might be overlapping with another game that has the same files in it so it cause it to do that and i dont know how to fix it

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