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I've been hammering away at one of my old projects called "Dracula's Castle" for a while now. I've been working on it for a few months, (Yes before Scooby Horror existed) and I've barely made any progress, cause it's going to be a long game. I've only completed the intro and I'm still finishing the first floor of the castle. So during this period, I decided to make other games like Scooby Horror 1 and 2. I was gonna make a different horror game this time based on Spongebob, but I feel as though I must finish what I started. I have to finish Dracula's Castle.

Here's some screenshots of it. I'm not gonna explain too much about it, but what I can tell you, is that you're a vampire hunter looking for Dracula, you must explore his castle, find him in the highest floor, and defeat him. It's basicly inspired by the old Castlevania games, 40 Winks (The PS1 game) and Slayer Shock.

And an amb song I made for the game. I may use it, who knows. https://soundcloud.com/dave-microwaves-animations/draculas-castle-amb-1

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