Zoinks! A new update?! (Big content update)

That's right. I did a major update to the game adding in some new stuff and tweaking some stuff.

Added fourth way to save Scooby Doo. You need to find a crowbar and free him from a crate in a small warehouse room. It's near the beginning area to the left. I opened that section off to add the warehouse building with the fourth Scooby spawn point.

Made the machine shop's roof and the Parachute Loft's roof taller to match the way they looked in the Scooby Doo episode.

Made the flashlight battery last a bit longer.

Made the shed accessable to the Spooky Space Kooks. They'll no longer break when you enter the shed if they're chasing you.

And that's about it, tell me what'cha think about this update. Did I break anything? Are there any bugs needed to be fixed? Did you want me to add something cool that I completely forgot to add? Let me know, will ya?


Scooby Horror 2.rar 209 MB
Nov 04, 2017

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