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I love the game


it says that the game as a new uptade but what are the new things

i remeber does monsters in that episode (p.s i am a huge dave microwaves games fan)

Why cant I move the camera with my mouse?
I can only move the camera to left and right using the arrow keys.

That's weird? Your mouse should be able to control the camera. Might be a problem on your end? :/

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My mouse is alright. I checked the end and everything is at it should be.

Also, when I downloaded this game on a different PC, it worked well and I could move the camera with my mouse to any direction.      Did this help?
Also also, pressing the right click turns my flashlight on and off, so I think the controls are messed up too. :( 

I've tried downlading other games by you (Scooby Horror 1, Scooby Horror 3) and it's the same problem

I think the right mouse button being binded to the flashlight was an intentional feature if my memory serves me right? Tbh, I'm not sure why I chose right mouse button, lol. As for the camera issues being the same problem only on that one PC, honestly, I've got no clue unfortunately. :/

Well if I can't play it on this PC, Im going to use the other one. Thanks for responding. You're game are still good 



This was just as fun as the first one XD haha 


This one was a bit different as I noticed Scoob could be in different places each time. Another great game nonetheless!

Glad you enjoyed it dude!


Hi, I put your game in a gaming compilation :D 
Hope you enjoy.

Of course I had to play the second Scooby Horror! On to the final Scooby Horror!

I just love your style of games so much! They're just extremely fun and I loved playing as Shaggy as I think I look the most like him. :P 

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SPACE KOOKS! Another great game, man. I’m addicted to your dev style. Can’t wait for more games. This thing lagged my pc out a bit, though. (Probably shadows. Shadows kill my baby)

Okay, seriously. I’ve been having so many issues embedding my videos on this site lol.

Edit: GOT IT! Omg

Glad you liked it dude! And I'll probably go back and try to fix these fps issues soon.

great game

Thanks dude! Glad you liked it!

Good job with that update! Also no Bugs at all in my playthroughs.

Ah good, phew. Was worried that there would be a bug after that update.

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Well, I made Scooby Horror 3. Main reason being that I saw some cool artwork on the back of my Scooby Doo pop figure box. lol. Anyway, here's the link. And don't worry, I'll continue working on Dracula's Castle now that I've finished this game.

Fun stuff again, nice attention to detail!


Thanks man. :D

Amazing as always! Love the little easter egg!

I never noticed those AI bugs or those frequent jumpscares. But I fixed em, as well as the key spawns, one of them was a little obscure so I moved it to a more frequently visited place. I'm just gonna upload the new build fixing these issues. So thanks for helping me find and crush these bugs and problems. :D

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I decided to completely remove the random jumpscares for two reasons. 1. It was kinda dumb, I felt like when I added it, I was just trying to please the people that like that crap, I honestly don't like random jumpscares that happen for no apparent reason. and 2. It suddenly broke the game recently for some unknown reason, causing the screen to freeze.

And out of curiosity, were you able to eventually beat the game? I don't know if I made it too difficult to find the items.