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i liked playing through this game a lot, but i have something to ask:

is it just me, or does the "A Mighty Storm Approaches" challenge feel harder than the other weather challenges?

This is a pretty good game! But is there going to be a sequel to this game? Like maybe a story mode to this game


Good stuff, had a lot of fun with this one, here's some bugs and "bugs" that I found.

Yunder might have a slightly dodgy hitbox. I've several times been caught by him when it felt like I shouldn't have (maybe he just has more reach though?) And he once had a stick of dynamite phase through him.

When there's multiples of the same enemy type you often get them saying the same line overlapping each other and they also often walk the same route basically inside each other. There should probably be some override to prevent these two things from happening. To be honest, this is another thing I've just seen happen with Yunder, and it was in the maize maze level, the challenge version where there's three of him.


This game Bangs.
you needa play this

Hey Dave, do you want to continue making Spongebob horror games?           For ex. X A.M. at the ...........


No, I'm pretty much retiring on parody games after Scooby Horror: Arcade and focusing on original projects I have planned.


Dave, you promised us Scooby Horror: Arcade this month. Where the hell is it??



Aka, the game will be done when it's done. When I said November, I basically meant anytime this month, and considering I'm still working on the last map and need to add a few additional last minute features, it probably won't be done till the end of the month or something. Who knows, y'all need to give me time, lol.

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I love this game!! Please make more!! This reminds me of one of my favorite horror games: Baldi's Basics. Keep up the good work, this is awesome!! This is my new favorite horror game!!


No pressure though. If you do ever decide to make another Our Savior game, then I will definitely buy it. Keep being awesome, you're doing a great job!

i would buy it but i cant buy stuff on my laptop but how is this game reminding you of baldis basics (i am not meaning that as an insult)

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Collecting 7 notebooks in Baldi's Basics versus in Our Savior you are saving 7 friends. I just meant it was similar in that way, and the fact that I'm pretty sure Yunder gets faster as you save more friends, similar to Baldi in Baldi's Basics as you collect more notebooks.


dave .exe well be free or you have pay


Yeah, generally most of my newer original games will have a price tag.


ok cool

remember when i said i cant buy things on my laptop well if the price of dave.EXE going to be less then five dollars then i will be able to buy it (i am not saying that for you to put it at a lower price)

i can wait too play scooby horror: arcade

the last dave mircoware games fangame Parody game

scooby horror arcade Won't cost money Because it's a fan game parody game




hey dave can you make a free ver [i cant buy the game because i dont have enough money]

me too




and i can Wait to play shopping nightmare 2 berry the hatchet


me too


i can Wait to play dave.exe


me too


that's great


yhea glad your my first follower

whats your next game dave


I just released this game a couple weeks ago, lol.

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I found a bug where Roogus spawned inside of the corn in the filthy fields arcade mode, I'm not sure why, He's just in there and he can't get out.

Oof, thought I patched that before the game released. Guess it still somehow slipped in, lol. I'll try and release a patch for it soon!


who voiced acted chumbo

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HarveyB, one of the folks that worked on previous projects of mine.

oh ok and i thought it was padre

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I played through this and beat all the challenges and stuff, And I think this game is really good!

But one thing I'd like to suggest is to maybe be able to raise the amount of enemies in arcade mode kind of like how the challenges did. Like having 3 Yunders, Or 7 Chumbos. But you don't have to do it though. It's just a suggestion.


what 1.50$


well it was a patreon exclusive game so i am not to surprised that it caust money

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Is it me or does Chumbo just know where you are at absolutely all times? Because it seems like once he sees you, there's no getting away from him since he will not stop going in my direction if he finds me once.

Yeah, he's designed to hunt you down relentlessly. He's slower than others, so use that to your advantage and keep moving.

i am not surprised why he is slower cause he is an old man so he cant run with these popsicle sticks that he has for bones