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Mr. Krussy has cursed your friends and plans on consuming your soul!

Fortunately for PatDick, he's discovered a way to lift the curse. If he can find and obtain 8 souls of the damned, he'll be able to satisfy Mr. Krussy's hunger and restore balance to the world.

This game was made as the finale to the Spongey Bucko series on my YT channel. It has no relevance to Around the Clock, but don't worry, that project is still coming along! Just wanted to upload a little something to hold y'all off until AtC's release. Speaking of which, I've actually been working on Around the Clock for almost two years now, like damn, lol. We're pretty much nearing release tho! If you want, you can continue to follow that game's development as well as other developments over on my Twitter and while we don't have an exact ETA on it's release yet, we'll definitely let y'all know when the time comes.

Thank you for playing this nonsensical game, have fun!

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(19 total ratings)
AuthorDave Microwaves Games
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Creepy, Horror, maze, Parody, Short, Spoopy, Stealth, weird


Mr. Krussy Requires Souls of the Damned (64 Bit).rar 172 MB
Mr. Krussy Requires Souls of the Damned (32 Bit).rar 153 MB

Install instructions

It's a .rar, so unzip the .rar using Winrar or any unzipping program, open up the folder, launch the application and play!

Development log


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Very stressing, but a very nice game! I absolutely love the style.

The nightmare modus is really hard. But is a good game



Where is mr sussy?

is there gonna be another mr krussy game? y/n


this game is very scary because of THE SOUND AT 1000 VOLUME and also the shape of the characters Detail: I didn't find the spongebob mechanics very much because he appears out of nowhere... please upgrade this game

Loved the game dude I've been a huge fan since 3am at the Krusty krab :D

This one legitimately gave me a panic attack lol awesome job.

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Great Game it’s crazy scary I love it I’m not asking anyone to subscribe but if you do it will be very helpful all I ask is please watch the video and be respectful and please give the video a like and say something nice in the comments that’s all and have a blessed day 😇 👍🏾💯




huj z tym kazda gra jaką instaluje nie działa jak otwieram winrar pokazuje ze w kazdym pliku jest 2 błędy do huja z tymi grami!!

gówno_okreslenie wygodnosci pobierania

rq game question dave: do the enemies only spawn after you collect one of the souls

if mr krussy will be in dave exe  will he look like a drawing or will he be all 3d looking


3D will be cursed

maybe cursed but better to me honestly

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Never Have your volume at 100. That's a lesson learned for me. lol

Anyways, I thought this game was pretty fun, short and it kept me alert all of the loud and strange sounds. Timestamp: 7:21

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I honestly just love the idea of turning a sh*tpost series into an entire game lol (Timestamp: 17:11)


I featured this game in my video - 4:00 - 

Please  dave microwave , 

don't connect to unreal engine 4 so I can get in easily
don't connect to unreal engine 4 so I can get in easily

i like this game < thangk you dave microwave ,req 2 am at the spongebob home>

dave but i think i did not follow everything on the site that you sent to the same person who had the same problem is there a way to solve this problem can you easily to me the instructions i must on the sit thanks.oh yes i forgot to tell you i had installed 6 am at the chum bucket i opened it it was something strange i ran the game 3 times at the same time and it made me the same error for while the game managed to open i was that, that i  do not understand the game had no problem i worked very well no bug i did not finish because  whanted be sure that the game works when i  opened the game but i still had the same error i have a windows 8 pc i have to switch it to windows 10 it to work if you can solve this kind of problem problem make  video tutorial on your youtube channel

sorry im not english but french but i did the best i could write in english

you really need to help me please read  this message i would like to play all your games but i decompressed the rar file i started the game i wait  a while it shows me fatal error the game crashed and it said something about D3D i looked at one of the comments which had the same problem as me and you sent site to help i probably did the same my i did not really understand i udpate i watched the tutorial how to install your i have the same thing in detail but nothing worked always the same message i downloaded 32bits i downloaded 64bits nothing to do if youb could an update to solve this problem or even do a tutorial on your channel it would be better thank you if it works like that all the people who  would have know this problem you will help them thanks you dave

Unfortunately it's not something I can update since it's a problem with certain PCs unable to run UE4 games. As for a tutorial, I don't quite know how to fix it myself, I just usually link a reddit post where someone asked the question and someone posted the answer though I believe you already found that and it didn't work for ya. Again, I'm really sorry I can't help ya here, it's like what I said, certain PCs run into issues like this with Unreal Engine games. D:

TThis made me laugh.



Really good game !

I know the game is a few years old but it still is scary and funny as the day it was released, I'm trying to get the true ending but dang it isn't easy, I had a blast with the game. Keep up the good work :)


Huh. That was something. Creepy and weird. I watched the videos after playing the game. I don't know if they really cleared up anything though :)

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the game looks spoopy as hell

btw how is atc goin now


This was a really interesting game, it definitely got me a few times!


Is that font really your handwriting? Welp, I be damned then, I wish I had as beautiful handwriting as you have.

me too


Ah nah, the font I used is just a free font called Scribble, haha.


One of the best spongebob horror games ive played so far. Great job Dev

Show post...

greay creepy

I didnt finish the game :( it was fun but i didnt have enough time to play at that time... but the game is cool tho i'll give you that. And the chase sound is loud... 


PatDick saves the day!!! I'm glad you made a game out of this series! It was fun and bizarre and awesome...and loud!

Here are the normal and true endings!


Nice demo. Beat it! :)

Dang This is Legendary

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OOHHH Mr.Krussy, is that you?

Spongey me bucko I require souls of the DAMMED!!


Sooo... The series was just some teasers this whole time? lol

Kind of, more like a surprise since no one would expect the finale to lead to a game, haha. Made it in like 3-4 days. XD