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Dracula's Castle is a horror action adventure game I'm currently developing. This is an early alpha demo I'm releasing for Halloween for everyone to enjoy. It's very unfinished, so yeah, you're gonna deal with a few bugs here and there. I have so much to add and so much to do, so this game is gonna take me a year or so to finish. 

The demo currently features the tutorial and only one floor, so that's about 10-20 minutes of gameplay. The demo is also missing certain animations for the player and enemies, it's missing some original music (I'm currently using a song from 40 Winks (a PS1 game) for Floor 1) but at least the basement has an original song loop by me, the game needs more polish, needs better optimization, still haven't added a health bar yet, and probably needs a better tutorial. So yeah, I hope you enjoy this demo, and if you like it, follow my itch.io page to get notifications when I release news about Dracula's Castle. When I finish working on this game it'll probably be a 2-4 hour game and I'll release it probably in 2018 of October, hopefully not, maybe in the spring or summer of 2018, who knows. I may release it on Steam, who knows. If I don't, then I'll release it here on Itch.io with a price tag or if I'm feeling generous it'll be free with donations allowed.

If you make a video about Dracula's Castle please let the viewers know that this is an early alpha demo and does not represent the final product. I don't want unfair criticism y'know, and I'm not gonna report or ban or DMCA you or people that criticize the game, cause I'm not like those random asshole developers that make asset filp games on Steam that get so offended about their "games" being criticized for being pure shit.

Anyway, I hope you have fun and have a friggin happy Halloween, cause when Halloween passes it's gonna be back to the same old, same old.

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AuthorDave Microwaves Games
Tags3D, Action-Adventure, alpha, demo, First-Person, Horror, Prototype, scary, Spooky, Survival Horror


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Hey Dave! If you remember I was the first guy to post a video of " Dora Is Dead" on your itch.io page! I really like Dracula's Castle! It's really fun, and I had a blast playing it!

Thanks for playing! From what I've seen, people really like my game. I'll definitely update the demo with the basement level when I finish it. Might take some time, it depends on my schedule. If all goes well, I might finish it in a week or two. Fingers crossed that it'll be out before the end of October!

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Right now I'm working on the next Alpha build of Dracula's Castle but at the same time working on A Nightmare on Sesame Street. The way I see it, I'm probably going to finish A Nightmare on Sesame Street before I release the next alpha build, even though the Basement area is 90% done. So yeah, I'm delaying the update mainly because  I'm gonna add floor 2 along with the basement so the gameplay is extended and won't be a disappointment. I guess you'll be able to look forward to A Nightmare on  Sesame Street coming sometime in November and the next update to Dracula's Castle possibly coming out in November aswell.

Here's a teaser for A Nightmare on Sesame Street.

Looking forward to both! lemme know when they release and I'll play them :)

Nightmare on Sesame Street is ready. It'll be out in 10-30 minutes.

Okay it's out now. Enjoy! And let me know if you encounter any bugs or problems with the game, cause there usually are when I first release a game.

The new Alpha 2 build has been released. It's not an update btw it's a separate game. I'm basicly doing what Hello Neighbor is doing, how he releases Alpha builds as separate games and not updates. Well I hope you enjoy this new update!

Then I will be playing that in the next couple days! :)

Awesome, I'll look forward to seeing you play it.

This is going to be good. 

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Glad you enjoyed it! While I continue working on Dracula's Castle, I'll be making other small projects like A Nightmare on Sesame Street. It's getting there! 

That is Brilliant!

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I just released Alpha 2! It's not an update btw it's a separate game. I'm basicly doing what Hello Neighbor is doing, how he releases Alpha builds as separate games and not updates. Btw, the dan microwave easter egg is in the basement level by the maze of bookshelves. Well, I hope you like this new alpha build!

I shall check it out!

cool and fun game there were some glitches but I didnt mind it. overall great game keep it on!

Oh that's weird, the crosshair didn't appear in the tutorial. The door bug, the ghosts trapping you and the ghosts that hit you when they die are things I need to address. Thanks for playing man, and thank you for finding those bugs, now I must crush em.

no problem im happy to play your game

Okay so I fixed the getting stuck on the door bug, added the tutorial info in the beginning of floor 1, fixed the ghost hurting you when it's dying and that's about it. I couldn't figure out why the crosshair wasn't appearing in the tutorial level, like it should appear, I don't understand why it isn't. Guess that level is gonna have to have no crosshair until I figure it out. I'll upload the new build now to fix these issues.

good to know