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damn i can't download this untill my sister returns my windows fuckk

It's delightful Dave! I love the demon walruses! So many great things!

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I knew you were gonna enjoy those demon walruses. Haha. Thanks for playing!

That was a lot of fun.

Good job!

Glad you enjoyed it! My roadmap right now is to make a new wacky horror game, then after that I'll work on the next alpha of Dracula's Castle. I honestly can't wait to design floor 3 and it's new enemies. :D

Hey, long time no see. Just dropping by to let you know I finally released Dracula's Castle (BETA) which added two new floors, new mechanics, new enemies, new bosses, a melee attack (V key to melee) and I think that's it. If you want to check it out, here's a link.