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Dracula's Castle is a horror action adventure game I'm currently developing. This is the second alpha build and since the game is in alpha, you might come across a few bugs here and there. I have so much to add and so much to do, so the game is probably gonna come out in either spring, summer or fall of 2018. It depends on a lot of factors.

Alpha 2 currently features the tutorial, floor one, the basement and floor 2, so that's about 20-40 minutes of gameplay depending on how you play. The game needs more polish, needs better optimization, and I still haven't added a health bar yet. So yeah, I hope you enjoy this new alpha build, and if you like it, follow my itch.io page to get notifications when I release news about Dracula's Castle, When the game comes out I may release it on Steam, but probably not due to the quality of the game. It just doesn't look good enough to be a Steam game. I dunno. When I release it here on Itch.io it'll be free with donations allowed. I was thinking about making it a paid game, but screw that shit, everyone should be able to play my game. Unless uh, unless I do release it on Steam for some reason, then yeah I'd probably be forced to make it paid. I'd sell it cheap though! Five bucks probably.

Anyway, I hope you have fun!


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It's delightful Dave! I love the demon walruses! So many great things!

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I knew you were gonna enjoy those demon walruses. Haha. Thanks for playing!

That was a lot of fun.

Good job!

Glad you enjoyed it! My roadmap right now is to make a new wacky horror game, then after that I'll work on the next alpha of Dracula's Castle. I honestly can't wait to design floor 3 and it's new enemies. :D