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Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it! :)


Loved it

this is so scary


The game can't launch because... This:

Ah, that pesky error. I've seen this occur for some users, but thankfully there's a solution.

I have found myself unable to play. I dont know why, but I can LAUNCH the game, but it wont play.

Are you getting an error message?


I have to say that this little inde game genuinely scared me. I wasn’t inspecting Dora Is Dead to freak me out so hard, but it managed to do so. I really enjoyed how this game took a dark spin on a beloved cartoon character amongst those who watch it. Dora Is Dead is a very simple horror game with a twist thrown in there that pleasantly surprised me, especially a certain someone who rushed at me in this dark dilapidated building you’re being held captive in. I definitely recommend anyone to try this one out.

Where tf are all the hammers? I only found 2 spots!!!???

There's a third spot I think. It's somewhere, I don't remember, lol.

This was short but good! Enjoyed it alot! Keep up the good work!


coooool game dude!

add to mac plz

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I cannot make a Mac port, it is literally impossible for me to do. Please understand, it's not that I don't want to, trust me, I'd friggin LOVE to make a mac port for all of my games. But it is beyond my control. I just cannot make a Mac port. I do hope you understand man. :/


DORA is now officially DEAD!



My childhood has been resuscitated! It's alive! xD


This game ruined my childhood.

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lol, that's the point! :D


Ho. Lee. Crap. A warning to anyone else wanting to play this: don't play it too late at night...... ಠ_ಠ

For sure, this has got to be the scariest game I've made to date, lol. Glad you enjoyed it!


I record this game in my language

how did you make this game, like what game engine did you use to make this, and how did you make the models? 

I use Unreal Engine 4 to make my games and I use Blender to make my models.

ok, tysm for replying, i honestly wasn't expecting a reply.

I always like to reply to everyone's comments. :)


I am gonna be quite honest, and quite apologetic too.

This game and your Scooby Horror games are not scary to me but more funny and enlightening, especially the Scooby Horror ones because of how it plays into my childhood.

I probably would've liked it better if the performance was a bit better on my computer but hey.... we don't all have the money for things.

Oh yeah, here's a video on me trying out your games!

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My older games weren't always the scariest, lol so I get where you're coming from. And I wish the performance could've been better for you. :/ But I'm glad you had fun with some of those weird games of mine!

I wish the performance was better too but blame my 2-3 year old computer that is surprisingly still working to this day.

I found the menu screen music the creepiest parts of the video lol, but the monsters were just a laugh! I need to check out Sesame Street and the other "recent" games of yours, nevertheless the performance.

I think my newer games might run better for you, as some people have told me that my newer games play better than my old ones.




I can never beat these ones i get so spooked but its still fun to tryXD


I screamed like a little girl. 

Good game. 

Can you make a mac version of this game?

I can't port it to mac cause I don't own a mac. :/

What program did you use to make the game? Was it Unity?

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I use Unreal Engine 4. Much easier to use than Unity. Unity requires you to know how to code but Unreal Engine uses a blueprint system instead of coding, though coding is an option.


I HAVE NEVER BEEN MORE FRIGHTENED BY A MONKEY IN MY LIFE!! Dora can take these keys are shove them up Boots for all I care. She is terrifying, creepy, and I DON'T LIKE IT ONE BIT (meaning I love it)! That reversed intro music is insanely unsettling and definitely set the mood for this game! Awesome work, dude! Keep on doing what you're doing, 'cause you've got a good thing going!

Thanks man! Glad you enjoyed it. :D


i've already played all your other games so i though why not play this one xD.

It was awesome looking forward to the new game your making ;).


I think I've had enough of Dora for one lifetime. Please, no more...

This was a great game, really enjoyed the simplistic style yet amazing spook that left me with shit in my pants and tears in my eyes. It shows that not all great games have to be made with a large amount of money put into it or a massive team. It doesn't need to be a Triple-A game to be fun. Great job! 


My earholes can't even with Dora. Even though I may be deaf now ... I still loved it and had a blast! Keep on rockin!


Hello again bungholes! enjoy my totally necessary and totally gretuidous video link.


oh no my blocky minecraft guts lol I love this game well done such fun here is my playthrough 

Jeez this one got me good. Really cool design and idea, and the chasing is pretty terrifying if you dont pay attention. Thanks for making it.


Well here is my take on your game :) thoroughly enjoyed my time playing it.


Cause Swiper ran her over and her legs got dismembered. xD

this game was awesome! quite difficult but amazing! cannot wait to play more of your games! well done on creating this! :D

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Glad you enjoyed it! I hope my next game (a courage the cowardly dog horror game) doesn't disappoint you!


No way!! i used to watch that programme!! :D now i definitely know this will also be good!! :D

I tried to contain myself but i get scared by such little things QQ. Still i quite enjoyed your little game :D

weird  game:/

Indeed it is. I dunno why I made it, lol.

The jump scare was timed perfectly, I had just begun to think I figured the game out then it hit me.

This was a good time, but if you played swampsim then it will get old after 10 minutes or so. Otherwise, the game was pretty funny in my opinion, I just couldn't take the crawling Dora seriously Haha. 

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lol, yeah the game was kind of a joke like Swampsim was and isn't very replayable. But I'm glad you enjoyed it anyway, it was one of my older games. (It was made in October 2017)



Thanks man! Glad you liked it!

Did a fun playthrough on my channel ArthurPlays!
I hope you'll enjoy:

Q.Q poor map

I played the gaem! it's funny! 재밌게 플레이했어요:)

Love all your games so good 

Thanks man! If ya want, you can try out my latest creation, BUNKY. Just released it today, it's the sequel to TUNKY. :)

oh of course i would love to play it was going to play tunky today anyway so why not thanks 

Np, can't wait to see you play it!

Pretty good meme game, and yes I had a few screams here and there. Great work for what it is! Would definitely play again just for giggles!

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