V1.0.1 Released

Fixed: A bug with Dora getting stuck against her hallucination body if you jump on top of it, then jump off a few moments later to break her AI.

Fixed: The Backpack having no collision. Looked awkward how you can just phase into it.

And that's about it. Enjoy!


Dora Is Dead Remastered (64 Bit).rar 250 MB
Dec 18, 2018
Dora Is Dead Remastered (32 Bit).rar 227 MB
Dec 18, 2018

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I hope your still available to read this, i just want to let you know about a bug that i might have discovered when playing the game. when i played the game i went to find the hammer and when i was able to find it, i ended up dying by either dora or boots.  (i don't remember what but i'm sure that it doesn't even matter) so when i replayed the game the hammer was gone, it disappears even after you die. i know that you probable can't fix it but i figured i let you know just because.

Ah, that's not a bug. The hammer will spawn in one of three locations each time you play.

oh, alright then thanks.