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plus dora is so scary


Don't you need to extract it to play? How else would you make it work without extracting? Windows tells me to it can't find some files without extracting.

I can't play any of your games. All of them give me a message that says "Fatal Error!"

did u extract it ?

maybe thats why??

i cant play the game i downloaded

You need to extract the .rar using winrar in order to play the game.

oh i get it dave thx for reminding the PEPS

Accautly DORA TOOK SWIPERS LEGS IF BOOTS OR HER GOT HIM AND DORA HAS LEGS SEE WHEN U DIE IN THE GAME idiots                              dora is NOT dead Remasterd is good

Swiper Took Dora's Legs!!!!!

my requst has been filled thanks dave 

(+1) Just uploaded a video on your game, me and my friend had a lot of fun with it. We got pretty confused on what we were meant to be doing but, regardless it was a fun experience! 


Thank you for the experience! Lots of jump scares! :) 


Great job as always Dave!  This is probably your scariest game that I have played.  I got jumpscared so many times.  Mostly by that monkey.  Everytime I opened a door I expected to die.  Thanks for the great game Dave!

Gave it a go...


Really enjoyed your game! Actually started tweaking me out. Keep em coming man!


Hey dave, I was thinking about making a video about this game on youtube and I wonder do I need any permission to prevent copyright in my video?


Nah, there's no copyright or anything like that with this game. :)


Cool :D thank you so much dave, love your games


my dream has finally come true!

Haha, enjoy!


I DID IT, I ESCAPED DORA! | Dora is Dead: Remastered Full Gameplay Walkthrough


Bro this game was super scary, I could not handle it!! Good job on the game man 👍🏾


As always Dave you've made a great game and the remaster added just enough spice to make me want to finish it, instead of last time when I realized Dora was screwing with us I just rage quit. Boot scared the hell out of my until I realized his mechanic, and the new Dora design is a treat to look at. Thanks again for the release!


I made it through!! It was quite fun!


holly s##t dora is way creepyer then the old one


Another great dave microwaves game never got round to playing the original so this was a fun experience I thought it was awesome same great style thanks

me:mom dora is ded?

mom:Dora is not dead.

me:But in game they named "dora is dead"



How to save your legs from Dora :D


Nice remake. I did manage to find a bug.


Ah another god game for the collection, I enjoyed this and the twists you added to it.

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