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Dave Microwaves Games Trilogy I - A collection of random, wacky, scary games, each with their own distinct art styles. Escape a blob of flesh as he tries to steal your hat, banish a trojan that plagues your local arcade and solve a mystery as to why you were invited to such a garbage party.

CockEye: You convinced your boss to purchase the last CockEye arcade machine in existence, despite the infamous rumors surrounding the game. Unwittingly, you've given the virus permission to coop as soon as it entered the arcade. Now you must activate the failsafe, recapture CockEye and ensure everyone's safety, and to prevent lawsuits, respectively.

A Real Party: We got invited to a party! Too bad it's a dead party, nothing but rats and rotting wood here. Now Shooby and his gang of douche bag friends must solve the mystery as to why they were invited to such a lame party.

Rungy Roo: Rungy Roo is a blob of flesh who has a strange fetish for hats. You go to investigate his "secret" lair and end up getting captured. Now you must take back your headwear and find a way out before he snags your precious hat again.


Buy Now$1.50 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $1.50 USD. You will get access to the following files:

A Real Party (64 Bit).rar 86 MB
Rungy Roo (64 Bit).rar 172 MB
CockEye (64 Bit).rar 223 MB

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dave how can i get around the clock at bikini bottom i what to play that game so bad 

The game is still in development and set for release in Spring 2020.


Welcome back Spectators,

If you're reading this then that means I have survived the 2nd installment of Daves games, Rungy Roo.

Dave, again, you're a pain in my ass.  Rungy Roo can run at the speed of "OH MY GOD!" and "FUUUUUUUCCCCK!!!!" and it was so much damn fun.  I had an absolute blast playing it.

Have fun Spectators . . .


I also played another game from this bundle called CockEye I thought it was funny and scary! Have a great day!! :)


Hey guys, I played a game called Real Party Come Check it out!! Have a great day today!! :)


damn dude you have so many big youtubers playing your games GG <3

Will you ever add more content to Rungy Roo? I'm pretty sure you said in that announcement video with Jay that you would. But i'm not sure.

Nah, it's pretty much 100% finished.

Oh ok.


Here's my Cockeye gameplay for ya. You got me a couple of times, nice job


So I finally played Cockeye and I'm sorry to say but my marriage is now ruined. Because I'm dead. Great game though!

(1 edit) (+1)

This Trilogy Popped My Dave Microwaves Games Cherry and Let Me Just Say, It Was a Pleasure! XD 

My favorite overall was CockEye. I loved the art style and variety of stages and gameplay. 

A Real Party was really funny. I love that "Kyle is Famous" structure and the sound effects cracked me up. A few of the endings were a bit samey and I wanted the story narrative closer to the choice buttons, but honestly, it was a great.

Rungy Roo was challenging and the map randomization (or switching tile sets?) messed with my head which was awesome. It took me a while to figure out what to do but once I jumped in a few times I figured it out. The description helped lol. 

Loved this trilogy, I look forward to playing more DMG games. I've missed out on a lot! 

Here's a link to the trilogy bundle playlist




Welcome back Spectators,

If you're reading this, you're about to encounter one of the greatest arcade horror games ever created.

Dave, you're a genius and an asshole.  Thanks for making me think my computer was crashing while being pursued by a huge one eyed cock.

Have fun Spectators . . .


I'm here to show this is the best bundle to come into existence and I've only played one game so far. Everyone must experience this! Great work!