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Controls: WSAD to move and the arrow keys to use items. Press 1 to unequip an item, 2 is to switch to your pickaxe (when you find it), and 3 to switch to your tnt (when you find it).

This is an atari 2600 style game. I called this Adventure 1 because I plan on making more. It depends, I may or may not make another depending on the success of this game. And btw, I made this in three days... Well onto the story!

Story: You wake up in a temple, confused as to how you got here. It doesn't matter anyway, it's probably part of the trial.

Your objective is to find the Chicken Cave and recover the crystal chicken. This is the only way to prove your worth and to be able to go on bigger adventures.

Install instructions

It's just a gamemaker .exe download file, I really don't have to provide any instructions.


Adventure 1: The Crystal Chicken.exe (3 MB)

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