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Story: Freddy Krueger is haunting Elmo's dreams. You must find the radios to wake up and escape Freddy's Nightmare, but beware, Freddy is fast and deadly so if he spots you, he'll catch you and stab you with his claw glove. Will you be able to escape his Nightmare?

So, I guess someone had to make a Nightmare on Sesame Street game eventually, cause I don't think anyone has ever done one. The only Sesame Street horror game I've heard of is that Alphabet Lane game on gamejolt. But no one (I think) has ever made a crossover Nightmare on Sesame Street game before. So here it is, a really random kinda short game that I'm sure you'll enjoy.

Remember to report any and all bugs, and if you want some improvements to the game, let me know and I'll try to add them as soon as I can. Also If you find the game too easy or hard, or too fast or too long, let me know and I'll try to fix it.

You know the drill, let me know if you make a video about my game, cause I'd honestly love to know. ;D

Disclaimer: I don't own A Nightmare on Elm Street or Sesame Street obviously. This is just a parody game.

Install instructions

It's a rar file, so unzip it and play!


A Nightmare on Sesame Street (Revamped) (64 Bit).rar 239 MB
A Nightmare on Sesame Street (Revamped) (32 Bit).rar 216 MB
A Nightmare on Sesame Street (64 Bit).rar 226 MB
A Nightmare on Sesame Street (32 Bit).rar 203 MB

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This game legit scared the crap out of me (Timestamp 0:09)

have you tried the other version if not can you film it


The is still fun even after being release a few years ago, I love the Elmo voice acting it  genuinely made me laugh when you leave your apartment an Elmo gest scared. I had a blast!

Looks Good!


-_- @


Recently for the first time (surprisingly), i saw the Nightmare On The Elm Street movie. So now i can understand what was this all about.

It was a fun comfy little game, it's fully based on the elm and elmo pun. It even had some scary elements. 

Low-poly graphics truly in Daves style is cute, love it.

It's alright, light 7.

A nightmare... a true nightmare...

errr, i was going to say that you need a windows but yeah?????? i don't know


i have downloaded your game for my son. Just wondering what app/program i should use to open the game in? 


Well, you don't really need anything per say. Just double click the application to play it. However, if you tried launching the game through the folder you downloaded it in without unzipping it, you won't be able to play the game since it's a .rar folder. If you didn't unzip it, you'll need an unzipping program like winrar in order to access the folder's contents. The reason it's zipped is basicly a way for me to compress and upload the game onto this site with minimal space being taken, so I'm sorry if it's a minor annoyance, haha. But if you did already unzip the folder, then you'll just need to double click the application to play.


That's what i was looking at.... i wasn't sure which program to use to unzip the folder. 

I will download winrar.

My son is a huge fan of your Nightmare on Seasame Street and can't wait to play it.


Pretty cool. Been meaning to play this one for awhile.

I could not find more than two radios at a time before dying. Do you mind saying how many you need?


There are three radios. The last radio can spawn in the gardening store, in the back alley ways near the gardening store or inside the third apartment near the gardening store.


cool! Thanks for the info.


Havn't played alot of your games man, but seriously.  Probably my favourite game dev just from everything i've watched from 8-Bitryan and 8-Bitgaming. Keep it up, your style is super unique and it's alot of fun to watch (and) play. :D

Thanks for the kind words! Glad you enjoy my games man.


this game give me the chills Xd

Hello dave came to tell you that if you lend me the song that you composed in your game, "Nightmare on sesame street" in the part where you wake up from the dream but is in another dream of freddy, I'm not getting an income and I'll leave you credits in the description of the video, the video will be uploaded to youtube

i cant find the cheat secret

You mean the NES mode or the hidden easter eggs that require you to cheat? If you mean the hidden easter eggs that require you to cheat, you have to press ` to open the command console (English keyboard only) then type the command ghost, which allows you to phase through walls. Explore the entire map of the first level and you'll find em both I'm sure. The first one requires you to be at second floor elevation, if you fly around you'll find the easter egg hidden on a rooftop, type the command walk to stop phase walking and get back on your feet. Here, you should be able to read the text on the sign. The second easter egg requires you to be at ground level, fly around the map and you might find the hidden text.


I loved it, keeps you on your toes, a fun game to play.




Probably the toughest of the Dave Microwave Games I've played, but awesome as always!

i just uploaded my gameplay of this game, it was pretty cool :D



I kinda made a short video on it but its really more just a glorified update. Here's said video.

Here's an idea for a game: I think a Blue's Clues horror game would be pretty funny 

hey if you don’t mind me asking, what did you use to make this game?

For all my games including this one, I use Unreal Engine 4.

alright lol one last thing, do you code in your games? an if so which language

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I don't code. Unreal Engine 4 has a Blueprint system, basicly a simple but powerful drag n drop system, so there's no need for me to code with C++ and all that.


There is another game called A Nightmare on Sesame Street that I played when I was little. It was a crappy old freeware game, but It was fun.

why is freddy so fast to outrun

He's meant to be powerful like in the movies, but you can use the doors in the apartments to stop him.

yeah but it a bit hard to close them as i can close the door on myself also can you make elmo run a bit faster

I'm probably gonna keep the game's difficulty the way it is honestly. Sorry man. :/ As for the doors, I did what I could to get them to work right, but unfortunately there's not much I can do to fix that problem.

Deleted 3 years ago

hi I just wanted to know if there was a way to change the screen resolution of the game ?


The only way to change the resolution is by pressing the ` key to open the command console, then type in the command, r.setRes 1920x1080f (or whatever your computer's resolution is).

DAVE pplssss telll me where all the radios are located PLS

It's hard for me to say, but if you watch a gameplay of someone completing the game, you'll be able to know for sure where they are.

thank you, btw I freaking love your games, I believe that u r the best itch creator ever


Great game, just like all of his other games! I know I'm a little late to the party but I wanted to throw it up nonetheless.


This game scared my hairline off. Got to go to the barber now. 


I felt as if I should share this video on here because I don't think I did before. Anyway, this game features in this video as the first game I played.

 elmo is too needed find radio to wake up and escape from fredyy's krueger nightmare

and ended from this dream


great game again

What is the name of the song you used to create the game, elmo's when he wakes up, pls is for a horror video

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I actually made the song instead of snatching it from Youtube. XD

Wow What great song did you do, would you be able to give me the song or buy it?


You're talking about the, "dun, dun!" Tune that plays when Elmo wakes up right? I mean, I guess I could give it to you cause it's literally just two piano notes. Lol.

I do not want just that part of when Elmo wakes up, I want all the song you put in the game xDD

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Oh lol, the only song I made was just the song when elmo wakes up, the rest is actual music from the Nightmare on Elm Street movies, haha.


Scared me shitless




Interesting concept, it was a bit hard tho so i didnt finish it.


Awesome work once again! I think a little clearer instructions in regards to the radio would help somewhat. Otherwise it was once again a blast to play! Cheers Dave!

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Yeah true, I could've made it more clear. But I'm glad you had fun with it!


Made a little playthrough! This one was easier than the Courage one but still pretty hard. Please enjoy:

lol, I always enjoy watching people play this game. :)


This was the most difficult of your games I have played. However, I still had fun trying to find the radios and escaping the boiler rooms.
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