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Story: Freddy Krueger is haunting Elmo's dreams. You must find the radios to wake up and escape Freddy's Nightmare, but beware, Freddy is fast and deadly so if he spots you, he'll catch you and stab you with his claw glove. Will you be able to escape his Nightmare?

So, I guess someone had to make a Nightmare on Sesame Street game eventually, cause I don't think anyone has ever done one. The only Sesame Street horror game I've heard of is that Alphabet Lane game on gamejolt. But no one (I think) has ever made a crossover Nightmare on Sesame Street game before. So here it is, a really random kinda short game that I'm sure you'll enjoy.

Remember to report any and all bugs, and if you want some improvements to the game, let me know and I'll try to add them as soon as I can. Also If you find the game too easy or hard, or too fast or too long, let me know and I'll try to fix it.

You know the drill, let me know if you make a video about my game, cause I'd honestly love to know. ;D

Disclaimer: I don't own A Nightmare on Elm Street or Sesame Street obviously. This is just a funny "fan" game I guess?  I dunno, don't sue me or copyright strike this game or whatever, I'm not making any sort of profit out of this game.

Install instructions

It's a rar file, so unzip it and play!


A Nightmare on Sesame Street (64 Bit).rar 225 MB

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Gave it a go...

Thanks for playing this one! I always enjoyed this game, that's why I always go back to it every once and awhile to fix something or add something new to the game.

Another great out of the ordinary stealth/horror/slasher game. I feel like this game’s true charm is how it makes you feel on edge even though the models aren’t as seemingly threatening as in most other horror games. The ambience was great and I liked the second mode that is unlocked upon winning! Alternate endings are great! (I just noticed how long this has been out. I guess I’m super behind!)

Haha, I always enjoyed this one, that's why I always go back to this game every now and then to update it with some improvements. But I'm glad you liked it!

I did it! Well done Dave! I continue to be excited to see what you make in the future! You make good games man!

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Ha, thanks for playing man. I don't think you really missed out on Foggy Nightmare mode, it's just an early morning version with fog, so it made it kind of look like silent hill. But it also had a different ending!

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In case if you wanted to know, I just released a new horror game today. If you want, you can check it out. :)


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Not sure if you care to know, but I released Scooby Horror 3 today! https://dave-microwaves-games.itch.io/scooby-horror-3 And don't worry,  Dracula's Castle has not been abandoned. I'll continue development of Dracula's Castle now that I've finished this game. It's gonna be a chunky update I think. With two new floors, a sword you can use, (Hopefully I'll add it) friendly npcs that'll aid you in your quest to slay Dracula, new puzzles?, new enemies and of course two new bosses.

Hey I did a playthrough of this game and it was a lot of fun.  I hope you enjoy the video.  Keep up the strange work!

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Hahaha, that was a pretty good intro. Thanks for playing man! Btw I changed Foggy Nightmare mode to have different spawn points for radios 2 and 3. So it's not exactly the same as normal mode. Also, I hope you don't mind but I put the intro of your video as the trailer for the game. It was that good. lol. Unless you don't want that, I can take it down if you want.

No problem man I'm glad that you enjoyed the video.  And Ya I don't mind if you put the intro from my video as the trailer for the game.  :)

I think I broke it... :)

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What the, how did that happen?! Gotta fix that asap.

Played this again. If you get seen your dead. No chance of escape. If there was sound of Elmo's voice when you leave the house then it didn't play for me and after 3 or 4 deaths the radios just didn't spawn for me anymore and that was even after I totally restarted the game. More bug fixes needed. :)

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Okay so Freddy is supposed to catch you, like he's supposed to be fast and you can't out run him, so you have to kind of stealth it out and make sure he doesn't spot you or else you're dead, there isn't supposed to be any sounds for Elmo when he talks, and the radios always do spawn. It can spawn in one of five places, 1. the alley by the apartments, 2. in the alley by hoopers store, 3. in the same alley by Hoopers Store but all the way to the left, 4. in the laundromat, 5. in Hoopers Store. You probably just missed it. ;) I may be wrong though, maybe the game could've bugged out, who knows. But thanks for trying the game again.

I'm so hyped to play it. Please make it a series, like how BATIM turned into a series.

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A series of Nightmare on Sesame Street games? Not sure if it'll work but I can try doing that. Once I finish and release Alpha 2 of Dracula's Castle, I will try to think of some ideas on how to make a sequel.