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liked this game well done super fun here is my playthrough

How do I play??

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You need winrar to unzip the rar file. Once unzipped, you can access the application and play. Also the game's Windows only, so there's that.


This game is pretty hard and very scary. No way to hide which makes it even harder and Karen being very unpredictable. But it was very well made! Keep it up!


This was totally my favorite entry in the Bikini Bottom series! I loved all of the little details from the tentacle noises as squidward walked to the intricate design of the levels. The jump scares were great too! I had so much fun!!


Nice Spongebob Squarepants Scary Game.

It keeps crashing every 2 mins and so does floaters Cemetery  

I don't know what to do about that. Seems like a problem on your end unfortunately. Does it give you an error message after it crashes?


I finally managed to beat one of your games and I love the challenging aspect of them so much! I got scared so many times! I can't wait to see what else you come up with! Good job!

I got so scared while playing this game! This is such a great game, I loved it! Keep making AWESOME games!


i will sue you if you dont help me get on this game it keeps saying that it crashes and then it closes

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Are you getting an error message? Is it saying something about D3D error? If so, here's a solution.

If that's not the issue, did you unzip the .rar folder using winrar? You can't launch the game without extracting it first. If that's not the issue, are you playing on a Windows PC? As this game is only compatible with Windows.

I may or may not have screamed because I got hit by jumpscares so bad. Either way, I had a fun time playing it. Will most likely make another part since I enjoyed it a lot. Your games are always really fun to play.


You have such a talent for making good and fun games. As I mention in another post for another one of your games. You manange to keep the gamelay fun and intense. 

It's scary and fun. What more can we ask for? 


Amazing as usual dude! I hope you never stop making unique and awesome games like this. You are one of my favourites indie devs! I make oen video playing this amazing game, I hope you enjoy it!


I remember to 3 am  at The Krusty Krab but this game has a story and an exceptional game mode. Bravo !


CAUTION, we yell and swear a lot!

I wish i could play this but i have a mac


What happened to my friend SpongeBob!!? lol 🤣 well made horror game!


i saw jacksepticeye play this and i thought that this game looks freaking amazing


I was diagnosed with PTSD after playing this... I don't talk much anymore

HELP ME!!! How i can down the resolution of the game? When i play the game on the screen appear VIDEO MEMORY ERROR, and there say i need to down the resolution, BUT I CANT! BECAUSE THE GAME GET A ERROR WHEN I OPEN THIS! There is other way to change the resolution of the game?

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The only way to change the resolution is in game, you press the ` key to open the command console, then type in the command, r.setRes 1920x1080f (or whatever your computer's resolution is). I honestly don't understand how this happened to you, if you have older hardware, the game may not run properly. Also, what are your PC's specs? Do you have an old PC?

But when i open the game this crashes instantly. I dont have time to press the button becuase this crashes :(

I has a samsung PC

1.50 Ghz Dual Core Intel Celeron

732 MB of Memory video

64 MB of Dedicated Memory Video


450 GB Disk Space

Intel HD Graphics

Max Resolution: 1366 X 768

That is my Pc specifications

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Does it say an error message? Something about D3D error?

That is the error, i dont know what do :( I want play this cool game

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Ah I think it's that your PC either isn't strong or doesn't have the correct hardware to run the game. I'm not quite sure but that's what it seems like. Damn, I'm sorry dude.

your computer is just old,man


Get Out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAhahahaha had fun good job you guys with this one.

Please could you give us link for the osts where the appetizer chases you and when you escape the appetizer you are running please!

The chum chase music from spongebob,

and the dramatic music that plays when you're escaping The Chum Bucket,
it's at 0:54
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I keep geting a error

Fatal error

[File:D:\build\++UE4+Release-4.19+Complie\Sync\Engine\Source\Runtime\Windows\D3D11RHI\Private\D3D11Util.cpp] [Line: 182]

Unreal Engine  is exiting due to D3D device beign lost. (Error:0x887A006- 'HUNG')

Try this solution.


I cant download the spongebob horror games. it won't let me. I have a windows computer and i really REALLY wanna play these games. please help! ;(

What do you mean? You can't get past the download screen? Or you can't unzip the .rar folder?

I download it and then I can't go any further.   I cant open it. It like, makes me choose a browser to open it with and i have no choice but to use internet explorer because my computer shows me other options that make no sense.  Like it will show me that I can open the download in Microsoft Word and things like that.  If you want I can send you screenshots of the steps that I take.  

On a different topic:  i know that youre not doing anymore spongebob games but it would be a funny idea to make a 9 AM at The Boating School lol. just saying.

Ah I see what you're doing wrong, you need to click download and then save don't click open. Once saved, it'll download a .rar folder, use winrar to open the folder. It might not detect the folder as a .rar if you don't have winrar installed, and it'll probably identify it as an internet icon or some shit like that. Just download winrar, then use winrar to extract the .rar folder, once extracted you can open the folder like normal and play.

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Awesome game! What was the chase music that plays when Karen first finds you? That was my favorite part.

The karen chase theme? That was this song, though I edited it in game to sound distorted and faster.


HI Dave plsssssssss make more of these "spongebob" games!!!!! REALLLYYYY GOOD BOTH OF THEM AND LOVE DORA IS DEAD so pls make more of this series!!!!!

I won't be making anymore Spongebob horror games after this. Kind of got tired of the whole parody game thing, sorry dude. :/



Truly a work of art! The voice clips from the actual show were implemented beautifully without being obnoxious, and the "lab" joke was in there as well, harkening back to the glory days of Spongebob humor, truly showing your knowledge and love for the series. The game was fairly simplified and fun, and the scares were just tame enough for me to feel comfortable saying that it's a family-friendly horror game. Great job!

I'll definitely be playing your older games. Been meaning to!

Oh my Lord this game is fun as all h*ck. Might need some tips on how to complete, but it's insanely good and, I have to admit, you really did your Spongebob research. The lab/laboratory first scared the crap out of me, then made me laugh hysterically. Thanks for such a wonderful game!


lol, I'm glad you enjoyed it!


Here is FINALLY my video of this game! I had a break from making videos and that's why I am pretty much late for those trendy games lol.


Oh yeah, and I apologise for tagging your twitter name in my tweets about me playing this game. I am a small channel that is trying to get noticed on YouTube through personality and passion.


Ah, that's alright dude. :)



EXCELLENT JOB AGAIN DAVE! I highly enjoyed this one, and screamed a few times too. lol


Dave is at it again with another Spongebob hit. This time he has upped the difficulty and, the suspense since 3am at the krusty krab.

it wont work on my pc its an hp and it keeps telling me i need to have microsoft visual c++2015

UE4 games like mine require you to install Microsoft Visual c++2015 to play. Though I haven't got a clue why it's needed.


One of my favorite Dan Microwave games :) Great music and sound effects from spongebob!

this game is sooooo cooooooool


I love it ! :) Ladies & Gentleman prepare you Spongebob Underpants ! Poopy Scare Alert ! 


Man Karen is nuts!!! This game is awesome!! I need mooorreee!! 

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