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I did another deathless run at 5:06.56.

Damn! Five minutes? Think you beat my record, lol.

I loved it. So much that I did a speedrun on it in 7:44. I found out that if you pause the game while pressing E (doing something) that it will finish while you are paused. I would love if you made more games just like this one. : )

Funny and also very well made game. 

I download the game but then I cant open it i have a samsung galaxy s8?

The game is windows only, it doesn't run on Samsungs.


Can you make a macOS version? I was looking forward to playing this!!


Unreal Engine crashing!

Whats Rar And Is It Free?

Winrar is free yeah. Just be sure you download from the legit website, rarlab.

you dont know what rar is. its free

hey dude i need help installing this game when ever i try downloading it sends me to this an entry cannot be decompressed (6 AM at The Chum Bucket (64 Bit)/The_Chum_Bucket/Content/Paks/The_Chum_Bucket-WindowsNoEditor.pak. please help me

Hmm, did you extract the .rar folder using an unzipping program like winrar or 7zip? If you didn't, that may be the problem right there.

Thank you

This game is actually really well done. 

I love how there is 3 sections of the game.

dave i play on windows 10 and its not letting me download the game


Ah, having Windows 10 shouldn't be a problem. But I'm not quite sure why you're unable to download? Did you click download, take me to the download section, and clicked the download button to start downloading?


Awesome game dude spent 4 full hours starting at midnight beating all the games pls make another spongebob game just 1 more they are about the only games I like to play on itch.

Glad you enjoyed it and all my other ones! One last large Spongebob game is actually in the works called Around The Clock at Bikini Bottom. It's currently in development (started it in January), hoping to get it out the door by October. You can follow progress on the game on my Twitter here:

Thats awesome good luck man.

Hello i made a video with your game , i kinda sucked sorry for that . 

i liked your game and keep up the good work 

Can you make a Spongebob and Patrick one please? Also what pc is required to play the game in high quality?

Do you have a Geforce Graphics card or a AMD Radeon?


Make one for spongebob and Patrick please, also what type of moniter is required to play the game in high quality?

Any moniter would work fine... it depends on your pc.

I know it's been a long time since this game came out now, but I'm curious, so if it's not too much trouble, I'd love to know how you got all the voice clips for Squidward, the sound effects, and although more obvious, the music. It all comes together so well to make something that's both creepy, but in a way feels official. It's a fantastic experience all the way around. Fantastic Job on it, and good luck on your future games.

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I got all the sound effects from Squidward by watching and recording sound clips from various episodes. Also got some help by a few friends to find certain clips I couldn't find. For the music, I just went on Youtube and searched up the official soundtrack for Spongebob and got some songs from there. Also glad you enjoyed the game! Hope my future projects won't disappoint. :)


Finally beat it and 3am at the krusty krab YAY!!!!!


Some fire right here.


Really like the game, i make a gameplay for this game. but i'm from indonesia so i'm not commenting your game with english. your game start at 2:27


ued, more lioike 6 nights at the cum bucket?? ?

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what program did you use to make this game i mean unity 3d or unreal engine :/ 

Unreal Engine 4

Man, there is a bug when i turn on the flashlight entering the kitchen, but that dont happen all the time. You can repair it? Because when i go to menu al the screen is with bright and i cant see anything, only the menu buttons, and that make me restart the game D

As for that bug, I'm not really sure what's causing that. That may be on your end since no one has ever encountered that bug.

Thats happening in all the games that i downloaded, but that bug happens when i is on the main menu and put lowest graphics.

NOW I CAN PLAY IT! :D You can tell me some commands to get more fps? Because i play the game with 15-30 and i dont like that D:

There aren't any commands to improve fps. If you go to the graphics options in the mainmenu, you can choose lowest. Lowest graphics is the lowest the game can go to increase your fps.


The best spongebob horror game iv played! A really fun game!

Hey dude, so  It's really good but after I eneter the kitchen is  unusable.Even in the lowest graphic? What is the problem?

Perhaps your PC isn't strong enough to play the game. The reason why it was running good on lowest settings on your rig in the first areas of the game, is because those areas are small maps, there's barely any actors in them. But after the alarm part, the map expands adding in a bunch of actors to the map, so that's probably why it's not running as good.

Ok thanks ;)

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liked this game well done super fun here is my playthrough

How do I play??

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You need winrar to unzip the rar file. Once unzipped, you can access the application and play. Also the game's Windows only, so there's that.


This game is pretty hard and very scary. No way to hide which makes it even harder and Karen being very unpredictable. But it was very well made! Keep it up!


This was totally my favorite entry in the Bikini Bottom series! I loved all of the little details from the tentacle noises as squidward walked to the intricate design of the levels. The jump scares were great too! I had so much fun!!


Nice Spongebob Squarepants Scary Game.

It keeps crashing every 2 mins and so does floaters Cemetery  

I don't know what to do about that. Seems like a problem on your end unfortunately. Does it give you an error message after it crashes?


I finally managed to beat one of your games and I love the challenging aspect of them so much! I got scared so many times! I can't wait to see what else you come up with! Good job!

I got so scared while playing this game! This is such a great game, I loved it! Keep making AWESOME games!

i will sue you if you dont help me get on this game it keeps saying that it crashes and then it closes

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Are you getting an error message? Is it saying something about D3D error? If so, here's a solution.

If that's not the issue, did you unzip the .rar folder using winrar? You can't launch the game without extracting it first. If that's not the issue, are you playing on a Windows PC? As this game is only compatible with Windows.

I may or may not have screamed because I got hit by jumpscares so bad. Either way, I had a fun time playing it. Will most likely make another part since I enjoyed it a lot. Your games are always really fun to play.


You have such a talent for making good and fun games. As I mention in another post for another one of your games. You manange to keep the gamelay fun and intense. 

It's scary and fun. What more can we ask for? 


Amazing as usual dude! I hope you never stop making unique and awesome games like this. You are one of my favourites indie devs! I make oen video playing this amazing game, I hope you enjoy it!


I remember to 3 am  at The Krusty Krab but this game has a story and an exceptional game mode. Bravo !


CAUTION, we yell and swear a lot!

I wish i could play this but i have a mac

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