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Hey man.I just discovered this game,and it is fantastic.Are you going to create more Spongebob horror games in the future ? :))


jeez i realy love this games i almost cannot beat this game but i finally can beat it keep your good work.


can u make a version of ur games for mac plz. They look really good but i have a mac so i can't play them. :(


let the rar files be zip files more easy

.rars are used to compress the file size. I'm unable to upload these games as zips, otherwise they'd be pretty massive. I'd recommend downloading winrar or any unzipping program, since most games these days that are uploaded use .rars instead of zips.

Fuck my Windows 7 because of this PC that i can't play your awesome games. >:(

same :(

oh boy what day on 2020 spring will that new sponge bob game come out?

Around the Clock should be out sometime in Spring 2020. Could be any day in Spring.

oh okay thanks

can u pls help me i dont know where to download around the clock at bikini bottom

Bruh its like October lol

Anyways i'm so exited

I'm gonna make a parody game of bunky and it's gonna be called Chunky



Unreal Engine 4, you can download it on Epic Games.

thank you

Jogo dificil pra cacete!!


i play this game and i wish just two enamies. other than that very good game,

Played this a while back. If you like the video consider subscribing!

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also i asked you a while ago about your games too, and if you remember my user name on your yt commet or post idr

Dave can you help me out or anyone that can i play this game on a small computer or do i have to get a new one

(+1) Hey Dave I made a video today on your game and I defintly think this was one of your more difficult games that's for sure, because I did have some trouble. In fact I wasn't able to beat it the flying Dutchman wouldn't stop chasing me, but regardless I still had a lot of fun and a good time with this game so good job man, keep up the good work! :D 



This Game Ruined Spongebob For Me Forever. I Hope You're Happy, Dave.

Can you make 3AM games about spongebob, patrick, and sandy? also can you add like weapons to some?




The AI is aggresive and tough and thats what makes this game so much fun! Thanks for the hard work you put into this game, it was fun to play!

Hello dude. I st rted the game but I can't even read the title of it. Do I have to change the screen resolution from 1280x1024 to 1366x768?

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The game natively runs at 1920x1080p, but if it detects a different resolution it usually auto adjusts itself. I don't know why it isn't for you. Unfortunately there are no resolution options in game, but I discovered a workaround you can use to play the game in windowed mode. Create a shortcut of the application, go to properties and type in target at the very end: -ResX=1366 -ResY=768 -WINDOWED

Hope this helps!

Hey Dave may I ask, can we play your spongebob games with an oculus rift or an htc vive ?

Unfortunately my games don't support VR, however you can play the game with a VR but only looking at it like a virtual screen, but not being able to move your head around in game or anything. Might consider adding VR support in the future if I get the chance.

thank u

so much :)

what do u make  your games on dave?????????  



I use Unreal Engine 4.

great game


Apologies for fucking you, I needed to ask you if all your games are capable of running them with a gtx 1060 6 GB and 8 gb of full ram for the game


lmao, what do you mean, "Apologies for fucking you". What do you mean, like you said or did something bad recently? Cause I don't remember, lol. Anyway, yeah for sure, it'll definitely run at medium/high I'm sure.


No, no xd, what happens is that I wrote badly in the Google translator, so I was wrong, what I meant is that I'm sorry for bothering you for asking you this. Thank you very much for the attention and I hope to play all your games in HIGH graphics because they really look great, I love your details in the games uwu <3 They are excellent, brother, keep it that way


Ah okay, LOL. Hope you enjoy em!

Yeah men sure :D

hey David Microwave: you should add a voice to your at floaters cemetery Update it

Do u mean the Squidward's hope  and dreams easter egg?


If you're referring to mixelman's comment, then he's probably talking about the inappropriate easter egg found far outside the boundaries of the map, lol.


like gore or?


No, it's a dick joke, lol.


sounds like my kind of humor

do you have more of that humor in other of your games

No, only in this game.

Dave How Do U Get To The "Here Lies Squidward's Hopes And Dreams" Easter Egg?

I find the easter egg in this game, which i don't want to show it.


Best game ever!!!!!!!!


This wasn't my first playthrough. I found it hard at first and to be pretty scary but since there are three different entities out to get me I was being chased almost every three seconds. 

It was a fun and hard game to play. I was searching for over 30 mins to get all the graves xD

Every 2 mins it crashes can you please fix this problem

I really like your game, great music and definitely a ton of fun.

Sorry for the crappy thumbnail.


Super fun game I love the lighting and the monsters well design here is my playthrough 


I was so happy to see a continuation from 3 am at the Krusty Krab! You have the potential to make a great story, Dave! Thank you so much bro for this awesome experience. As you can tell, I got frustrated here and there, but finally got the strat and beat it! LOL


I normallly cant handle horror games but THIS I could get through which is good cause its october and I havent uploaded a single REAL horror game...


Tons of fun but rage inducing! I had the hardest time trying to beat this one, thanks again for the great games Dave! 

Oh Dave! I love playing you games. Although the concept to this one was rather simple, but I think this one did a great job for what it was! As always I had a blast playing on the channel, and I can't wait for the next one!  

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