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Story: You probably shouldn't be hanging around a spooky cemetery at 3:30 AM, but Mr. Krabs doesn't care, greed has overtaken him. Thoughts of money and loot being buried in these lonesome graves are too much for Mr. Krabs to resist. But little does he know, that The Hash Slinging Slasher is still on his tail, a crazed Old Man Jenkins wanders this boneyard at night and The Flying Dutchman lingers around these parts when no one is around.

With shovel in hand, will you be able to dig up all these graves in this gloomy grave yard and obtain all the money in the world? Or will you be caught by these ghouls and die a brutal death? Find out, in this free expansion for 3:00 AM at The Krusty Krab!

I hope you enjoy this silly yet spooky new title by yours truly. I will continue to release random free parody and/or original horror games like this in the future, so keep an eye out and have fun!


3.30 AM at Floaters Cemetery (64 Bit).rar 197 MB
3.30 AM at Floaters Cemetery (32 Bit).rar 174 MB

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i cant open it whit 7_zip and WinRAR

is a option for it?

If you have either of those software, you should be able to extract it. If you right click the .rar, you should see an extract folder option.


Deleted 49 days ago

Why not? It’s a not bad at all game.

dave your games dont work for me every time i load them up after a few minutes they just crash but otherwise great games

Very good game

Hello, I would ask you if I can stream your game on twitch?

This game was really worth it, had a blast playing it. It's at the perfect balance of which a horror game should be. Really recommend it.

I have a goal to try each of your games, and I have yet to be disappointed. Fun af, not too difficult but not too easy. Perfectly balanced... as all things should be.

A fun and challenging sequel with extra antagonists and more SpongeBob lore definitely recommend a play 5 out of 5

these 2 games are amazing great games!

I completed 3AM at The Krusty Krab, but this was sooo hard!! Every time I was about to complete a task somebody would start chasing me XD Great game (Timestamp: 0:00)


My botched recording aside, great game once again!~I really enjoy these.

He cheated!  Not.  

Sound effects were really cool.  I love how the game uses a lot of nostalgic canon stuff.  All the headstones, the sounds.  Marvelous~


Been wanting to play this classic for awhile and even saw there's a sequel now too ! played them both and had a blast! thank you for making these :)


hey there


Hey Dave just got a game idea . . . actually two but anyways the first one is called 4:00 am at Mrs. Puff's boarding school. Flats the flounder is planning to kill Mrs. puff and will murder her if he sees her so you have to escape. The second one is called 5:00 am at sponge bob's house this one i put a bit more thought into it so this one I think will make a great game. Doodle bob has made a rampage across bikini bottom and sponge bob is the only one who can save them sponge bob is forced to look around his house for the magic pencil he found. I just wanted to say i'm a huge fan of your games and I want to be a game dev myself!


Nevermind i saw a video on around the clock so I think i saw the mrs puff one

still would be cool to see one of its own game tho

had such a blast playing this on my channel. its a great game go give it a try


i want to downloadd it but.....

A great sequel to the first game. I think the enclosed area of the Krusty Krab and the sudden pop-up of the Hash Slinging Slasher made the first one scarier, but I like the ambition and expansion in this one. The area's a lot more open, there are more enemies, and I love all the references carried in from the series' episode.

I'm excited to try out the third game next!

Here is my playthrough of this (starts at  5:49)

it only lets me play it for like 30 seconds and thats it

when you play in the basement when the lights flicker and the hash sliniging slasher its far away he will go away

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-Made a Video. (Old Video)

-The Game: 20:01 (The 3rd Game)

i play that game


i got jump scare when i packing pattie

i super like this game

when you escape go back at the krusty krab a hard mode!


Hey man.I just discovered this game,and it is fantastic.Are you going to create more Spongebob horror games in the future ? :))


jeez i realy love this games i almost cannot beat this game but i finally can beat it keep your good work.


can u make a version of ur games for mac plz. They look really good but i have a mac so i can't play them. :(


let the rar files be zip files more easy

.rars are used to compress the file size. I'm unable to upload these games as zips, otherwise they'd be pretty massive. I'd recommend downloading winrar or any unzipping program, since most games these days that are uploaded use .rars instead of zips.

Fuck my Windows 7 because of this PC that i can't play your awesome games. >:(

same :(

oh boy what day on 2020 spring will that new sponge bob game come out?

Around the Clock should be out sometime in Spring 2020. Could be any day in Spring.

oh okay thanks

can u pls help me i dont know where to download around the clock at bikini bottom

Bruh its like October lol

Anyways i'm so exited

I'm gonna make a parody game of bunky and it's gonna be called Chunky



Unreal Engine 4, you can download it on Epic Games.

thank you

Jogo dificil pra cacete!!


i play this game and i wish just two enamies. other than that very good game,

Played this a while back. If you like the video consider subscribing!

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also i asked you a while ago about your games too, and if you remember my user name on your yt commet or post idr

Dave can you help me out or anyone that can i play this game on a small computer or do i have to get a new one


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHkTu7oUAfU Hey Dave I made a video today on your game and I defintly think this was one of your more difficult games that's for sure, because I did have some trouble. In fact I wasn't able to beat it the flying Dutchman wouldn't stop chasing me, but regardless I still had a lot of fun and a good time with this game so good job man, keep up the good work! :D 



This Game Ruined Spongebob For Me Forever. I Hope You're Happy, Dave.

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