Where's 6:00 AM At The Chum Bucket?

So, a lot of people have been requesting that I make the sequel to this game, which I’m calling 6:00 AM At The Chum Bucket. I’m not gonna develop it just yet, but perhaps after I finish the new original horror game I’m currently working on (Strange Terror From Beyond The Stars, a 60s sci-fi horror game), I’ll start development of 6:00 AM At The Chum Bucket. It’s possible 6:00 AM At The Chum Bucket could come out in June or July if I finish this new game of mine by May, which I’m sure I can pull off.

Well, that’s all I got to say. See ya all later!

Edit: Btw, I’ll explain the story here, just in case so I don’t get a flood of idea comments for the game, lol.

A bit of the Story: Squidward got fed up with Mr.Krabs’ bullshit and quit his job. Now he wants to work at the Chum Bucket but things go horribly wrong.

You play as Squidward, Karen is the antagonist and Plankton’s dead. (cause Karen murdered him)

If you want to see some footage of my latest game, Strange Terror From Beyond The Stars, here’s a video showing the intro to the game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RbfKbPr0OAw

Get 3:00 AM at The Krusty Krab


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if stfbts is finished... is this being worked on?

Strange Terror is finished yeah, it's been finished for awhile. Chum Bucket has been in development for about two weeks so I'm hoping to release it by July.



I totally think you should do a chum bucket one! Especially where the sponge bob ones get so much attention, and its such a fun, simplistic style, hope you go through with it! <3 can't wait for the new one!

Yeah, I'm definitely gonna make this one my next project once I finish Strange Terror From Beyond The Stars.