Patch #6 (Quality of life stuff)

Updated UE4 to version 4.18 (was previously 4.17). Hopefully this will fix that rare issue where some players were unable to launch the game.

Spruced up the basement, it looks much better now

Added a new type of crate, the Krabby Patty Crate. It adds some variety in the basement and kitchen.

Made the "Order Here" sign sway back and forth slowly.

Added an easter egg.

Added a rotary phone to Mr. Krabs' office. Remember he had one in the episode, "Can You Spare A Dime?"

You can no longer move in the background during the intro cutscenes. (Sorry speedrunners!)

Added a 32 bit version of the game.

Hope you like this update! I plan on adding an endless mode in the future where you have to cook and serve Krabby Patties to drive through customers while The Hash Slinging Slasher tries to kill you.


3 AM at The Krusty Krab (64 Bit).rar 194 MB
Feb 27, 2018
3 AM at The Krusty Krab (32 Bit).rar 171 MB
Feb 27, 2018

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