Milestone reached! 1000 downloads!

Wowie, I was not expecting this much attention. I usually get about 60-100 downloads per game in one month but with this game, holy shit I reached 1000 downloads in less than a week. Thank you all who've supported me and this game. This seriously helps motivate me to continue making great games.

Update: 4500+ downloads reached as of now. Thank you all!

So again, thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I'll continue to make more short horror games for you soon. Just gotta finish Dracula's Castle alpha 3, and then it's onto the next horror game!

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Super stoked to see you doing so well Dave! I'll be playing this one today! :)

Thanks dude! I appreciate it. :D

How many is it at now?

3,264 downloads. Whoof.