Shopping Nightmare Remastered is out bois!

That's right, I decided to make Shopping Nightmare Remastered. It's for the RemakeJam 2 so it may not be an amazing game, but I'm hella proud of it, especially since it took me four days to make when a regular game takes me 4-5 weeks to make.

Go have fun!


Shopping Nightmare Remastered (64 Bit).rar 215 MB
Jun 06, 2018
Shopping Nightmare Remastered (32 Bit).rar 192 MB
Jun 06, 2018

Get Shopping Nightmare: Remastered! (For the RemakeJam 2)

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Just played this a few minutes ago.. I love it! it's quirky, fun and just a dash of potty humor! I was jumping out of my skin at each turn.
It took me a minute to figure out the puzzle, and that's good!  I enjoyed the challenge.
Great job, Dave!!

Glad you enjoyed it!


heyyyyyyyyy new game 

i love  your games guy