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michael bay


Like Zoinks! I think we are in for some trouble Scoob, buddy old pal! Scoob? Scooby-Doo where are you?!

Playing this game was really fun albeit short. However I thoroughly enjoyed it especially with the details especially with Captain Cutlers Ghost which made me feel like a kid once again!

(Btw, this is an old upload and I didn’t post it when I uploaded it because I didn’t have an account then)

So MANY GHOSTS!! Great game I loved it! 

Why do my game crash and he say UE4 has crashed ?

On start up? Does the error say D3D somewhere in the message? If so, try this fix.


I finally won haha


I still love the meme games! I always have a blast playing them!

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can't find the button pls help i can't find it at the old location!


What's wrong? I don't know what you mean man, are you saying you can't find the start button? Is your screen cut off maybe? Like the resolution is messed up?

no the button to the wall so it can open, i can't find that button 😢

lol Ooooh that button. There's two locations where it can spawn. The first location is in a shed near the building with legs, y'know with the radio and that gate. The second location is near the mines, you have walk around in the mines, and you'll come across an entrance to a small outdoor area. Here you'll find another shed with the button.


Loved this little game, on to the second one!!! Check out the gameplay below!

This was great! I'm not gonna lie, I REALLY wanted that cage to be an Easter egg, lol. I took it as a troll and soldier'd on lol. The game was a little laggy but that may just be my med-end PC. Otherwise, it was great! I liked the jump scare sounds and the whole classic 'scooby doo' vibe of the place. You're awesome at these horror-tv show crossovers. Let me know if I missed anything! 

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Thanks man! I think the only easter egg you missed was when you go to the corner of the lake by the glowing seaweed, a Diver Ghost will emerge from the water. It was a replication of the scene in the Scooby Doo episode "A Clue For Scooby Doo" where the diver ghost emerges from the lake.

YES I remmber that! I can't believe I missed the easter egg D:

loved 3am at the krusty krab so much i had to play another keep it up.

That's awesome you played this one! it's been awhile since I've seen someone play the old scooby horror. It was kind of the foundation for my horror games to come.

What is this I hear about a Scooby Horror 2?

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Ironic how I just saw this comment as soon as I started working on the page of Scooby Horror 2. It's coming out in roughly 10 minutes!

Edit: It's out now! Enjoy.

This is gonna be good.

I really would of liked Jumpscares! Overall to me it wasn't scary... But still a great idea for a game, I would like to see you make more Scooby Doo horror games

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Yeah I know, I completly forgot to add jumpscares, but Scooby Horror 2(In the works) will have em. I think. Unless I think of something a little different. And the AI. Yeah, I really need to improve that for sure. :D

Oh and another thing, the updated version of Scooby horror lengthened the game, added more random scooby spawn areas, more buildings and areas, and made the floating building have legs.

Pretty fun stuff!

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Glad you enjoyed it. :) Keep an eye out, cause in the future I plan on releasing a sequel. With a new villain that people might be familiar with

Love that lake part! Keep up the amazing work!

Thanks man, I was really excited to see your reaction to that lake part.

Love the game! Brings back many memories!

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Ha, wow, I never thought someone would actually make a video of one of my games, let alone a Scooby game. Thanks man. :D

The pleasure was all mine :)

After your video was posted, I decided to release some updates to the game, about two, that addressed some issues that I saw during your video. I added two new Scooby Doo spawning locations and expanded the map to lengthen the game. I also expanded and improved the mines, added more areas to explore in the woods, and a deadly encounter near the lake. So this video really helped in giving me ideas to improve the game.

Glad I could be of help! I kinda want to play it again now to see all the stuff you have added.

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Btw, I'm about to do a quick patch, adding in a missing sound file and sprucing up the mainmenu loading.