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This Does Not Look THAT Scary

same with me

Having problems installing it.

Did you download it and you're having trouble trying to launch the game? If so, did you extract the .rar folder using an unzipping program like Winrar? Once extracted, you can play the game.

When I do install it gives me a notepad. No, Zip, folder anything. just a notepad that just says not responding here:

Whaaaaa? I've never seen that happen before, lol. Unfortunately there ain't much I can do to help, yikes.

Thanks for at least responding I looked all over the internet how to install it and nothing worked so far... Have a great day.


Bingo! I have found a way to install it.... I feel stupid for even writing this but the reason was because I didn't have winRAR installed on this pc.


Oooooooooh, lol.

N o t  B a d


It was still a lot of the game but I did not understand why when I'm over 300m I'm always chasing me? But after the rest frankly good horror cartoon game that you're my pressure curses. 

Pretty awesome! Didn't get to finish it but I will eventually, always love these gamed Dave!


Didnt scare me as much, but highly enjoyed playing


Fun game, scared me way more than I'd like to admit tbh...


Made a video today with my niece with your game.. its the first game in the video 

Another fun game!


Another fun game! I really enjoyed it, Thanks for making it.


Long live the shaggy memes





I've seen things I can't unsee.


Brought me back to my good old childhood... AND THEN FREAKING RUINED IT.

Well made game though, I really like your work.

Amazing as usual! The theme is everything, well chosen! I made a video playing it, I had a lot of fun! I hope you enjoy! Keep making games dude! I'm very excited to play the next one!


Just gonna leave this right here!


Love this game

Please Make more

Love your games


Well that was fun, kinda failed on the first half I didn't realise you could run but part two was better in my opinion.

I like that Scoob follows you it provides more scares when you forget he's there.

Good work Mr Microwaves Games.




Great game! SO MANY GHOSTS!! 


I enjoyed the second chapter much like I enjoyed the first! Definitely was nice having Scooby around as I searched through out the forest, was low key worried that he'd get captured again.


Very cool! I love the atmosphere the game gets from the sound effects and music. :)

And this plays really well. Not too difficult. If anything it could stand to be a bit harder. The hardest part was finding places. I think a map would have helped. Even if not one that shows location but only the general layout to get an idea of how the areas are arranged.

I didn't play your earlier Scooby horror games, but I may have to go back and look at them now. 




An Everyday Episode of Great Scooby Dooby Doooooooo!!

Had a great time and would love to see more games by you in the future

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