The End of Dracula's Castle

I've been meaning to talk about this for months but just could never bring myself to. Now, it's with heavy heart that I must announce Dracula's Castle will meet it's untimely end.

Back in mid 2018 when the beta was published, the game got plenty of positive reviews but unfortunately it performed very poorly in comparison to previous/future games of mine, and we're talking original games here not parody games. Strange Terror From Beyond The Stars did incredibly well and Shopping Nightmare Remastered did almost 4-5x better than Dracula's Castle did, and that was made for a game jam in one week while Dracula had taken around 12 months to get to this stage of development. It really sucks (no pun intended) that Dracula's Castle didn't do as well as I had hoped, but this at least relieves some stress off my shoulders and gives me time to make games such as Shopping Nightmare 2, a new unannounced IP, the third installment to the Strange Terror series and more.

I may be going to college next year so I won't have as much time to develop games as I do now, but I'll definitely try my best to get as many games to y'all as possible during that time.

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I really really like the games you've made so far and am wide open for the upcoming games! Keep up the good work Dave! : )