V.1.0.1 Released!

Fixed: Ending cutscene bug where the slab breaking through the window was delayed.

Fixed: A rare bug where the death animation wouldn’t complete, causing the game to lock up.

Fixed: A rare bug where the barn will still give you a clue even when you had busted down the door.

Increased Muriels speed a tiny bit.

Added: Extra barrels to the fields to make it easier to hide from King Ramses

Added: 32 bit version of the game.

The next update, I gotta make the basement key get automatically picked up when found. A few people had trouble with this recently, not realizing you had to pick up the key after digging it up.


Courage's Curse V1.0.1 (32 Bit).rar 430 MB
Mar 24, 2018

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