V.1.2.1 Released!

Added controller support. It only works in game, you can't navigate the menus with the controller.

I forgot the controls for the controller so you're gonna have to figure it out yourself, lol.

If you encounter any bugs or find the controller mapping to be absolute shit, let me know!


BUNKY (64 Bit) (V1.2.1).rar 199 MB
Apr 22, 2018
BUNKY (32 Bit) (V1.2.1).rar 176 MB
Apr 22, 2018


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Hey mate

a couple of my friends follows your work on youtube doing lets plays. first impression and i quite enjoy them

im just here to ask if you ever want a youtuber to cover your work 1st and do lets plays on them then i can be that guy :)

if you are interested here is my email address - Denverdanaher@gmail.com 

and my youtube -  https://www.youtube.com/c/SillySloth

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Sure, I'll email you whenever my next project is completed and maybe send you a download link of the game a day before it's release if I can. :)


mate really appreciate that !

if you look at my channel i got a video scheduled to be up in 2hrs! its 3am at the krusty krab!

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Cool! I'll check it out when you upload it.


its uploaded :)