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what's bunky's abilitiy

can someone give me instructions on how to download it so I can play it?

There is a download button on the top of the comments bar

Dude all of these Jumpscares are insane! I like it! This is a scarey game. keep the good work up Dave :D

The Halloween party sucked. All everyone did was hang around. Very fun game. Keep it up!

Nah Why Was It Actually Scary

Couldn't beat it but still had fun

Hi Dave, I appear to have this bug where there is more than 1 of Bunky, please fix the bug.


well ambience


Dave I need your help I cant find out how to make good ambience where do you get it


Me and my brother are going to start making games and I need to know how to get good ambience or just music in general

Deleted 3 years ago
Deleted 3 years ago

bub you know how to make a scary game for sure


Lol yes he does 

(. __ .)

That "BUNKY is ready,,, Are you?" Thing sounds like M Y B O D Y I S R E A D Y

i pissed when i played this game, another good game dave!

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should i play it?i,ve seen so many videos of bunky and when i played tunky it was so terriffying and as we know bunky is scarier than tunky

Lol, up to you! It can get pretty spoopy at times (what with the unpredictability of BUNKY), but you'll soon get over the fears I'm sure.


yay i finally beat this game

i believe i have encountered a bug in this game where there were 2 bunky's in the map at once! I have no idea how it happened.

It was probably one of the random events that can occur in the game.

Really? I have never heard of an event where 2 of them can spawn. If what you're saying is true, then that's really interesting.

Gameplay coming soon..... :)

[insert a new meme about BUNKY and TUNKY]

My take on the game!


Bunky Halloween edition! The latest update to the game! And since it's Halloween, why not upload it today??

It's definitely a fun game with lots of random scares!

Okay uh, a whole right side of my screen is cut off for some reason when I play.

What's your resolution?

1680 x 1050

So what you need to do is tap the ` key in game, type in, r.setRes 1680 x 1050f into the command box, press enter and it should set your resolution to that. Let me know if it works, I just looked that up now on the internet so I have no clue if it'll work.

It made the game attempt to adjust the screen, but it didn't do anything for some reason.

Damn. I'm not sure what else to do to fix your issue. I'm really sorry dude, I dunno how to fix this. :(


Uploaded a video on your game Bunky as I said I would, and I really enjoyed it. I'm disappointing in myself though since I couldn't beat it, but it was quite scary. Got me pretty good, nice work! 


I love it! Very well done Dave! You are truly a master Craftsman! Tunky is oddly more difficult to deal with, but also easier because there are less monsters in the house. NOW you need a game mode with Tunky is there with all the other Monsters! 

lol, glad you enjoyed this new update! I actually tested that out and it was INSANE, lol. Though maybe I should make it the Extreme Mode. That'd be neato. :D

So I went and played the hidden game mode and I had no idea what I was getting myself into. It was definitely harder than the original mode. I absolutely loved that you added TUNKY and the ending was amazing. I feel like it would've been a lot harder for me if I wasn't currently spamming Baldi's. That game sort of conditions you for ultra-hardness. Anywho, thanks for adding this! I loved it!! 

lol, glad you enjoyed the new mode! I had that sound file for BUNKY since the beginning but never found a moment to use it until now with that ending. XD


Well it was definitely worth the wait xD


I played this game for half an hour and couldn't find the key on my second try.

It couldn't have been a bug cause there were some places you didn't check. Did you check the living room area by the giant eyes? Or the Billiard Room? But regardless, I'm glad you gave it a shot anyway, thanks for playing dude. :)


I may not have checked everything because I was too concerned about where Bunky was gonna be.

lol, that's understandable. XD



This game man! WOW! he is so creepy and i am terrible at your games XD very well made as normal and could definitely do with some tips in the future XD awesome job on creating this Dave! 

I really wish I had played Tunky first to get the full story of this. I played this game Bunky first and, soon enough will try to play Tunk as well. (I didn't escape from Bunk) I don't know how you programmed him but, you did a fine job! There was one time I locked myself in a room and, he burst right through! I was like there is no way he would do that. Sure enough he did! It shocked me!

Dang, I feel bad how ruthless BUNKY is in this game, lol. Thanks for playing!


I hope you made mobile port versions of Bunky.

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I've already said this many times to others, I will not create mobile ports of any of my games. Edit: Sorry if I came off rude, but it seems like I always get these comments, so it bugs me after awhile.

Dave Remember Me From My Youtube Account: Abdulwahab Akesh

I have a simple idea.


This was game was very scary!  Especially whenever I was getting chase by bunky!  Very cool horror game I enjoyed it! :D 


Glad you enjoyed it! Even though you probably got spooked to the point where you couldn't enjoy it, lol.


that's great game! 재밌게 플레이 했어요

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. :)


Hey, mate. I featured both TUNKY and BUNKY in my latest video. I actually quite liked them, I loved the visuals and the creepy noises. I do look forward to see more games from you!

Your games starts at 4:27.
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Thanks man! Glad you enjoyed TUNKY and BUNKY. Most of the sounds from the games were all made by hand actually(obviously not the door closing and opening sounds). Either using my own sounds and modifying them in Audacity or heavily modifying audio from other sources.


The sound design was excellent so that's actually really impressive! Keep up the good job!

Very entetaining game and the sounds were very scary. Graphics weren't the greatest but they were fun to look at. Keep up the good work and i'll return to complete this game soon.


Very nice game! Thanks for making a fun game

No problem, glad you liked it!

Just hands down a great game. I mean yeah it doesn't have the graphics, but those noises....THOSE noises were excellent, even with there was no background music or sound the area. 

Thanks man! At the start of development for this game, I wanted to make the atmosphere creepy and quiet to make it unsettling. Glad you enjoyed it!

bunky is such a great game like all of your others keep on making games and ill keep on playing them

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Damn, I was hoping you'd encounter the rare event where you see a kid standing in a hallway and when you approach him, his head would rotate 180o and start laughing while summoning BUNKY, lol. Anyway, glad you enjoyed it!

Do you enjoy debilitating atmosphere, gut wrenching jumpscares and OP monsters who make Jason Vorhees and Micheal Myers look like chumps? If so then this game is for you... 

Another great game. I don't know how you keep pumping them out. This game was easily 2-3 times scarier then Tunky. I died at the end.
great job

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How the enemy character system works,if this it isn't secret?

What do you mean? Like the whole spawning various BUNKYs thing, his navigation, him breaking down doors and escaping him or all of it?

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how he navigates and  escaping him.

does the BUNKY follow a path or uses navmesh?

Navmesh is used in order for AI to walk around the map. But yes, he does use a set path. In his blueprint, he selects one of four paths to take when he spawns to make it a bit unpredictable.

Did you follow a tutorial to make this system?If yes then can you give link of the tutorial?

Technically, no. But I did follow some tutorials to learn how some things work, like how the "Spawn AI From Class" node works. but they were multiple ones and I learned certain things from posting discussions about how this works or how to do this to make this happen sort of thing. What I recommend you do, is just work on your games, and once you encounter a problem, look up a video or post a discussion on the unreal engine forums.


hola, desafortunada mente no puedo jugar a ninguno de los los dos juegos, para ser un juego pixeliado lo cual debería andar bien en las mayorías de las computadoras. estos me dan dos problemas en el primero juego tunky, el juego corre muy lento lo cual no debería ser así, mi computadora no es tan lenta, es algo potente como reproducir juegos como "dead space" sin embargo se ejecuta a cuadros. yo supongo que no es el juego, es mas bien el motor "unreal" que elegiste para el juego :( quizás si hubieras elegido "unity" no se tendría este problema. En cuanto a bunky, directamente no los puedo jugar, se abre un cuadro de error refiriéndose al motor unreal. es una lastima queria probar estos juegos :( se ven geniales y prometedor :)


hello, unfortunately I can not play either of the two games, to be a pixelized game which should work well in the majority of computers. These give me two problems in the first tunky game, the game runs very slow which should not be like that, my computer is not so slow, it is something powerful like playing games like "dead space" however it runs to frames. I suppose it is not the game, it is rather the "unreal" engine that you chose for the game :( maybe if you had chosen "unity" you would not have this problem, as for bunky, I can not play them directly, a error box referring to the unreal engine.It is a pity I wanted to try these games :( they look great and promising :)

An sorry my english is mad.

I think the problem with TUNKY is that I left something in there that was slowing it down, I'll quickly patch that. And with BUNKY, I didn't think BUNKY would have this problem too. Some people were dealing with it in my previous game, 3:00 AM at The Krusty Krab. I dunno if I can do much about it. The only solution is to wait for the next Unreal Engine update to fix this, cause I think it's a bug with the Engine from what people were saying.

sí, exactamente como dices, dudo mucho de que sea tu juego, tanto BUNKY como TUNKY, tus juegos no tienen culpa, la culpa es irreal. Creo que Unreal es un motor muy nuevo y con "nuevo" quiero decir que es beta , es absurdo que un juego con tan pocos gráficos presente problemas tan básicos como los movimientos a cuadros. el cambio de motor a unity que mensiono solo es una simple suposición unicamente. me suponia que no era el unico con el problema. gracias por responder :)


yes, exactly as you say, I doubt very much that it is your game, both BUNKY and TUNKY, your games are not to blame, the guilt is unreal. I think Unreal is a very new engine and with "new" I mean that it is beta, it is absurd that a game with so few graphics presents problems as basic as the movements to pictures. the change of engine to unity that mension is only a simple assumption only. I assumed he was not the only one with the problem. thanks for answering :)

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