Removed Dud Karen

Got rid of the dud Karen model in the kitchen. Sorry about that, that was there for the trailer and I forgot to remove it when the new update came out. Thank God BryceGames found it the day after the update came out.


6 AM at The Chum Bucket (64 Bit).rar 237 MB
Jul 14, 2018
6 AM at The Chum Bucket (32 Bit).rar 214 MB
Jul 14, 2018

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ah lol i was wondering what that was lel

Yeah, can't stand it when I make these sort of mistakes. The worst part is that 1000 people downloaded that version of the game with the model just standing there, oof.


if anything it gave me a good pose for my video thumbnail  without the hassle of trying to get one of the karen that chases after you ;P